Sublime Creations: Claudia Sarah

There are three things that Claudia Sarah of Tortens believes when it comes to make pastry and cake: taste, design and innovation. With these, she sets herself for new expansion.

Claudia is perfect mix of pastry chef and business woman. She started baking as a 13-year- old, and went to sell her cakes to her friends at the age of 15.

After graduating from senior high school, Claudia landed a spot at National Hotel and Tourism Institute (NHI) in her hometown of Bandung. She also took short course abroad to gain further understanding on French style pastry and cake. After years of baking and supplying pastry and bakery stores around Bandung and Jakarta, Claudia finally opened her own business named Tortens. To date Claudia has released 200 more products and provided for more than 30 points of distribution.

“I love to bake. My mom is not a professional baker, but she baked as a side job. One day, she decided to stop baking because of work demand. Since that, she passed the baton to me to continue the business. Tortens opened seven years ago with me as the only employee,” she said

Claudia described her style as petite but eye catching and affordable. Though she believed chocolate and sugar were the magic ingredients in the kitchen, she said she was not shy to experiment with lots of ingredient.

Her newest creation was a Gianduja Petits Gateaux with lots of flavor mixed with Kaliandra honey.

“I wanted to make Gianduja with Elle & Vire Professionnel® Sublime cream with Mascarpone. I wanted a few textures and the result is this cake. Accidentally, I paired the Gianduja with Kaliandra honey and it tasted so good. But after a while, the honey taste turned to be overpowering so I added mango caviar infused with yuzu to soften and lighten the taste.”

The cake consists of white chocolate mousse mixed with single origin honey and Kaliandra honey. She uses Sublime cream to make the mousse. Micro sponge in the middle part was made from Kaliandra honey and beet root. To intensify the flavor, Sublime cream was converted as chantily. These were completed with hazelnut short crust pastry and mango caviar infused yuzu. “It is a kind of flavor battle in a bite,” she said with a smile.

In the near future, Claudia prepares herself to expand the network by opening another counter in Bandung, bringing Tortens branches to a total of three.

Claudia is a chef-owner of Tortens Bite & Taste patisserie which focus as a pastry supplier, providing products to restaurants and cafes in Bandung, West Java.

Written by Tatu Hutami Photographs by Dennie Ramon June 2, 2017.