Sublime Creations: Lusiana Darusman

For pastry chef Lusiana Darusman of Sukha Delight simplicity is paramount while using the best ingredients and techniques.

Lusiana, a native of the creative city of Bandung in West Java, is the first in her family to dive into pastry and bakery world. As a little kid, she did not cook or bake; needless to say, the idea of being a pastry chef never crossed her mind then.

However, when she was in senior high school, she started to think that food was fun and was part of sustainable industry. She then set herself to pursue culinary arts at At-Sunrice GlobalChef Academy Singapore for one and a half year, she then studied pastry and bakery for another one and half years and falling in love with the craft in the process.

After completing her education, she went back to Indonesia and decided to open her own store. Before opening her first store, Lusiana spent approximately two years to research and develop the formula. She spent the years eating lots of food and going to food expos and exhibitions before opening Sukha Delight in 2014.

She described her style as classic in terms of color, presentation, and techniques. She prides herself using the best ingredients such as Elle & Vire Professionnel® Sublime cream with Mascarpone.

“The Sublime cream has the perfect texture and the flavor. It is milkier and creamier than you thought it would be. By using this cream, you don’t have to compromise the texture for flavor or vice versa.”

Among the pastries she created using Elle & Vire Professionnel® Sublime cream with Mascarpone were Chocolate Apricot, Apple Tart and Brazilienne. She used Sublime cream for the texture in Chocolate Apricot and Brazilienne. For Apple Tart, Sublime was used to achieve both the flavor and the texture. She expected that customers will experience surprising flavor when eating the dishes.

“It is a bit tricky to just sell pastry in Bandung. They like to try new things and they will swarm something new. But if you don’t keep up with new invention, you will be forgotten. So I play more on the taste rather than style. I use only good ingredients such as Sublime cream because it has the flavor and the look.”

Lusiana is the founder of Bandung-based Sukha Delights, a passionate patisserie and croissanterie with affinity to Japanese and French flavors.

Written by Tatu Hutami Photographs by Dennie Ramon June 1, 2017.