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Month: June 2017

Sambal Bawang Bu Santi

Sambal Bawang Bu Santi

It has been seven years since I last visited Sambal Bawang Bu Santi in the city where I spent most of my time as a student. So, last month when I had the chance for a short visit to Yogyakarta, I made sure to have a […]

An Italian in Hong Kong

An Italian in Hong Kong

Hot on the heels of receiving this year’s Lifetime Achievement Award at the Asia’s 50 Best Restaurant ceremony and a star turn at Identità Golose, Milan’s premier food event, notoriously shy Chef Umberto Bombana sat down for a candid conversation in Italian with FoodieS. For nearly a quarter […]

Drawn By Food

Drawn By Food

Photograph by: Mitch Lui

Anna Vu, the illustrator behind ‘Good Food Crap Drawing’ and the art director at Australian Gourmet Traveller Magazine, really loves to eat and draw. What started as a way of documenting the food she was eating during her move to New York in 2011 has turned into a well-recognized culinary documentation.

‘Good food Crap Drawing’ is a visual documentation of the great food Anna has eaten and where she has eaten it. Her illustrations of dishes from across the world decorate her GFCD Tumblr and Instagram accounts.

Anna recalled that it was 2011 when she had just moved to New York and was desperately looking for work. She remembered eating amazing food and needed an outlet. However, she felt that writing and taking photographs was not her forte, so she chose drawing as her channel.

Photograph by: Matt Abergel

“I always studied art in school and at university, but I never really drew, which was weird.”

The result was a blog and a zine made for the MCA zine fair called “20 meals in NY,” which consisted of 20 quick sketches of stand- out dishes she had eaten on a holiday. After that, her career start rocketing and she made herself a household name for food illustration.

Her process of drawing involves eating out and picking the stand-out dish from a meal that she recently had and drawing it. She takes photos to help her remember the dish. But if she is not allowed to take a picture, she would excuses herself to the bathroom, writes a note or two about the dishes and tries to shove the memory into her brain. Do note that she’ll only draw the best dishes; if it was an ordinary meal, then she will not draw it.


Photograph by: Magnus Nilsson

There’s no pencil outline or white-out if she ventures outside the lines. “I still try and keep it spontaneous. I don’t sit there and draw it out and trace over it,” she said. “It’s the first-take.”

One of the challenge in her work is some dishes are easier than others to illustrate. For her, the biggest challenges were intricate, colorless, dark or meaty dishes

“I’ve always said it’s really hard to draw minced meat and make that look good. And I’m a big protein person,” said Anna. “But I think that’s the point; it doesn’t have to look pretty.”

Anna, who pursued a Bachelor of Design majoring in Ceramics, Textiles and Environments at COFA, has equipped herself with Faber Castell connector pens and Le Pen felt-tip pens for all her pieces. She said that her choice of equipment came from a childhood appreciation for the Faber Castell classics.

“I did recently splurge and bought five fancy Copic markers to broaden my color range. They come in hundreds of colors and I finally found a good color for pork, although I’m still on the hunt for a good bacon color.”


Instagram: @goodfoodcrapdrawing

Chef Wina’s Gulai Ikan

Chef Wina’s Gulai Ikan

Homecooking lover Chef Wina Bissett shares with us a recipe for an easy yet amazingly tasty Indonesian classic dish of gulai ikan or fish curry to share with family and friends. Gulai is everyone’s favorite dish because it has a lot of spice and goes very well […]

Belvedere Vodka Bold Inovation

Belvedere Vodka Bold Inovation

Marek Vojcarcik as the brand ambassador for Belvedere Vodka paid a quick visit to Jakarta and rocked the Vodka! Vodka! Vodka! night at Loewy with a thirsty crowd. With nearly 10 years of hospitality experience, Marek Vojcarcik is an artist many bartenders look up to. […]

Bebek Sambal Ijo

Bebek Sambal Ijo

If you are looking for spicy food that makes your ears ring but your palate sing, then bebek sambal ijo is a go-to. But, which to order?

When the craving for spicy food comes, there are several dishes that cross my mind and the good-old fried duck with sambal hijau – or more colloquially, sambal ijo – is always at the top of the list. It’s a heavenly combination of savory meat, green chilies and garlic.

Imagine the sinful duck fat melting inside your mouth combined with the sweet flavor and dense texture of the duck meat. For the perfect pairing: a mixture of fried green chili and garlic – among other ingredients.


I compared two famous and always crowded duck shops in Tebet: Bebek Ginyo and Bebek Kaleyo. Both merchants started serving their customer in 2007, but Bebek Kaleyo started their business at Cempaka Putih and kept growing until they opened multiple branches, including one in Tebet, an upcoming lifestyle and culinary hub straddling the border of East and South Jakarta municipalities. Bebek Ginyo, on the other hand, is a native of Tebet and has yet to open other branches.


I ordered similar dishes to compare their price and found out that Kaleyo was slightly more expensive. You can get Kaleyo’s fried half duck (breast and thigh) with sambal ijo, veggies and rice for Rp 39,000, while the same dish at Ginyo is almost Rp 10,000 cheaper.

Even if you go for the package with more sides: veggies and fried tofu and tempeh, Ginyo still cost Rp 47,500 and Kaleyo Rp 52,200.


Size-wise, both are on par. The clear difference you can spot visually is the color. Kaleyo is darker, the result of more time spent in the high-heat frying oil. Consequently, Kaleyo’s has crispy thick skin because the fat has almost completely fried away, with the gamey smell of duck gone, allowing the savory flavor of duck meat to come forward.

Ginyo is on the opposite side: lighter color with thick fat skin, the signs of less frying. The natural umami flavor from the fat combined with the soft meat will completely take over your palate in no time and you’ll dig deeper and faster into the dish.


How about the sambal ijo? Once again, both are of different styles, apparently in accordance with their different frying style. Ginyo uses big green chilies, so it has a milder heat with a fresh fragrance. Ginyo smears the sambal right on the duck so you can taste the sambal mixture infused into the duck.

Kaleyo’s sambal ijo is more adventurous. It uses green bird’s eye chili which is famous for in-your- face hotness and leafy flavor. Needless to say, Kaleyo packs more heat – tasty, addiction-inducing heat.

Verdict? Personally I’d like to have Ginyo’s duck with Kaleyo’s sambal. That would leave me with Kaleyo’s duck and a side of Ginyo’s sambal. Wanna come and try it with me?


Jalan KH Abdullah Syafei
No. 49, Tebet
T: +62 21 95400088
Instagram: @bebekkaleyo76

Jalan Tebet Utara Dalam
No. 12, Tebet
+62 21 8292343

AYANA Midplaza JAKARTA Hosts A Special Ramadan Celebration

AYANA Midplaza JAKARTA Hosts A Special Ramadan Celebration

On Tuesday, June 13, AYANA Midplaza JAKARTA invited the children of Nurul Imam Jafariyah Orphanage to break their fast in style. As part of AYANA’s active Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Program, AYANA Midplaza JAKARTA planned a memorable event for the children of Nurul Imam Jafariyah Orphanage. AYANA Midplaza […]

DoubleTree by Hilton Jakarta – Diponegoro Awarded Three Awards at 2017 World Travel Awards

DoubleTree by Hilton Jakarta – Diponegoro Awarded Three Awards at 2017 World Travel Awards

DoubleTree by Hilton Jakarta – Diponegoro today announced that it has been ranked first in three fields at the 2017 World Travel Awards. DoubleTree by Hilton Jakarta – Diponegoro was selected as ‘2017 Asia’s Leading City Resort’, ‘2017 Indonesia’s Leading City Hotel’, and ‘2017 Indonesia Leading Conference Hotel’. […]

Ramadan Delights at Keraton Hotel Jakarta

Ramadan Delights at Keraton Hotel Jakarta

Celebrating the holy month of Ramadan, Keraton at The Plaza, a Luxury Collection Hotel, Jakarta is pleased to offer an enriching breakfasting experience with an exquisite and authentic array of Middle Eastern and Indonesian cuisine at Bengawan together with a special room package.

“This year we will take you on a culinary excursion and explore local cuisines such as assorted satay, taliwang grilled chicken and beef rendang; combined with authentic dishes from the Middle East: lamb kofta, kebab, prawn tandoori and lamb chop”, explains Syaiful Bahri, Executive Chef of Keraton at The Plaza. The journey continues on their live grill stations where you can also indulge in the incredible taste of shawarma, served with freshly grilled mixed vegetables.

Their bartender also has prepared a special beverage: teh tarik kayu manis; the flavored black tea with a mixture of sweet-smelling spice from cinnamon, as your perfect companion during the breakfasting moment.

Gather with family, friends or colleagues and enjoy this sumptuous breakfasting buffet at Rp 399.000++ per person, including hot beverages and tajil from May 29 to June 22. Save 25% off per table for reservation of 21 persons or more, or save 20% off per table of 9 until 20 persons. Starwood Preferred Guest (SPG®) members will enjoy 15% savings for up to 8 persons with free enrollment. Prices are subject to applicable service charge and government tax.

For table reservation at Bengawan, please call +62-21 5030 2993 or email bengawan.keratonattheplaza@luxurycollection.com or access their website at www.keratonattheplazajakarta.com.


Jalan MH. Thamrin KAV 15, Jakarta
T  +62 21 5068 0000 —M +62 819 3277 6317
Twitter @KeratonJakarta
Facebook @keratonattheplazajakarta
Instagram @KeratonJakarta

Delightful Ramadan Festival at Pullman Jakarta Central Park

Delightful Ramadan Festival at Pullman Jakarta Central Park

Pullman Jakarta Central Park celebrates Ramadhan by featuring the centuries-old tradition of sharing Iftar at Collage All Day Dining and ‘Hilal’, a unique and festive Moroccan breakfasting experience. The hotel invites guests to share the ceremonial breaking of the fast with wide array of international cuisines served in […]

Ramadhan Iftar at La Moda

Ramadhan Iftar at La Moda

As a modern brasserie prominently located on the ground floor of Plaza Indonesia’s atrium, La Moda is marking the Holy Month this year with an indigenous Indonesian menu. Treat your taste buds with a delectable Ramadan set menu highlighting Indonesian most favorite dishes, such as taliwang grilled chicken, […]

Sublime Creations: Claudia Sarah

Sublime Creations: Claudia Sarah

There are three things that Claudia Sarah of Tortens believes when it comes to make pastry and cake: taste, design and innovation. With these, she sets herself for new expansion.

Claudia is perfect mix of pastry chef and business woman. She started baking as a 13-year- old, and went to sell her cakes to her friends at the age of 15.

After graduating from senior high school, Claudia landed a spot at National Hotel and Tourism Institute (NHI) in her hometown of Bandung. She also took short course abroad to gain further understanding on French style pastry and cake. After years of baking and supplying pastry and bakery stores around Bandung and Jakarta, Claudia finally opened her own business named Tortens. To date Claudia has released 200 more products and provided for more than 30 points of distribution.

“I love to bake. My mom is not a professional baker, but she baked as a side job. One day, she decided to stop baking because of work demand. Since that, she passed the baton to me to continue the business. Tortens opened seven years ago with me as the only employee,” she said

Claudia described her style as petite but eye catching and affordable. Though she believed chocolate and sugar were the magic ingredients in the kitchen, she said she was not shy to experiment with lots of ingredient.

Her newest creation was a Gianduja Petits Gateaux with lots of flavor mixed with Kaliandra honey.

“I wanted to make Gianduja with Elle & Vire Professionnel® Sublime cream with Mascarpone. I wanted a few textures and the result is this cake. Accidentally, I paired the Gianduja with Kaliandra honey and it tasted so good. But after a while, the honey taste turned to be overpowering so I added mango caviar infused with yuzu to soften and lighten the taste.”

The cake consists of white chocolate mousse mixed with single origin honey and Kaliandra honey. She uses Sublime cream to make the mousse. Micro sponge in the middle part was made from Kaliandra honey and beet root. To intensify the flavor, Sublime cream was converted as chantily. These were completed with hazelnut short crust pastry and mango caviar infused yuzu. “It is a kind of flavor battle in a bite,” she said with a smile.

In the near future, Claudia prepares herself to expand the network by opening another counter in Bandung, bringing Tortens branches to a total of three.

Claudia is a chef-owner of Tortens Bite & Taste patisserie which focus as a pastry supplier, providing products to restaurants and cafes in Bandung, West Java.