Ramadhan and Idul Fitri Celebrations at Gran Mahakam

Hotel Gran Mahakam presents Moroccan decorations inspired by the beauty of Morocco and has chosen “Sacred Ramadan” as the theme of this year’s holy month celebration.

A remarkable package has been prepared by the hotel to indulge their guests who choose to stay over or to celebrate fast-breaking tradition at Le Gran Café and Aoki Japanese Cuisine.

The room package this year will be available from May 2 to July 9. The room package “Sacred Ramadan” will include accommodation in a deluxe room, early breakfast or breakfast for two persons, a 10 percent discount on the fast-breaking buffet at Le Gran Café and Aoki Japanese Cuisine, a complimentary two pieces laundry per day (minimum two night stay), welcome drinks and fresh fruits upon arrival.

Guests will be pampered with a sumptuous fast-breaking buffet from May 25 to June 24. Le Gran Cafe has prepared a wide range of tempting sweet tajil and various dishes only found during the month of Ramadhan.

For fast-breaking, Le Gran Cafe will serve its signature Bubur Tampah (bubur sumsum, bubur jali, bubur biji salak, sagu rangi, complete with palm sugar and coconut milk sauce for toppings) kolak campur, serabi kinca, ketan pandan kinca, getuk keju coklat, es tape hijau, es kelapa muda, es lotus mahakam and a selections of fine dates.

The restaurant will also offer as appetizers caesar salad, sushi sashimi, lumpia basah, lumpia padang, rujak pengantin, and karedok; soups bakso bakwan, soto mie mahakam, soto padang, sup buntut, steamboat; Indonesian signatures ketupat ramadan, lontong mahakam, nasi daun jeruk, nasi liwet and nasi bali; carvings kambing guling, sapi guling, beef sawarma; desserts es rujak, es pelangi, es kopyor, es blewah, es cendol, chocolate melted, almond pudding, selections of ice cream, kue ape, pancong kopyor and, banana crepes.

For Japanese food lovers, the highlighted menu at AOKI Japanese Cuisine will feature tajils kolak campur, biji salak and jongkong; appetizers sushi nigiri, sake sishito, telaga warna maki, sashimi, spider maki and chicken salad; main courses dry sukiyaki, truffle beef, tendon, beef teriyaki, tempura, yaki udon and ebi moto yaki; desserts es kopyor, tropical drink, Indonesian sweets, selections of ice cream and mixed fresh fruits.

To fulfil your needs in preparing Ramadhan events such as gatherings or Halal Bihalal, the hotel also caters in-house and offers an on-site catering package to be held at Hotel Gran Mahakam or at your own mansion.


Jalan Mahakam I No. 8
Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta
T: +62 21 7209966
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Photographs by: Gran Mahakam

Written by FoodieS May 31, 2017.