Huize van Wely, Jakarta Welcomes Chef Robin Hoedjes

Jakarta’s famed Dutch patisserie Huize van Wely serves up the finest handmade chocolates, truffles and sweets.


Lead by Robin Simon Petrus Hoedjes – the winner of Dutch Pastry Award 2015, the Huize van Wely team has unveiled new sugary delights with mouth-watering presentation like no other.

Focusing on quality produce, exquisite cakes, pastries and homemade ice cream, Robin has worked in Kuwait under The Victorian-Patisserie Chocolaterie, before returning to The Netherlands.

Robin presented his amazing and impeccable creations of pralines, sweets and showpieces to Huize van Wely media friends on May 2, including his new creations for this Spring season.


The presented creations were Spring (manggo, passion fruit, vanilla cream, almond biscuit), Progress (cookies with chocolate butter cream, chocolate, hazelnut), Coconut (young coconut mousse, pandan mousse) and Chocolate Caramel (chocolate butter cream, caramel, pie dough).

Also served during the event were the classic tastes of the Petit Desire series, namely Vlaaitje Aardbei (vanilla custard, strawberries, pie dough), Fruit (vanilla custard, pie dough, mixed fruit), Pistachio Dream (almond pistachio, vanilla mousse) and Hazelnut Praline (crushed hazelnut, hazelnut cream, cookie).


Besides offering handmade chocolates, bonbons, truffles, pastries, cakes, sweet and savory biscuits and ice cream, Huize van Wely, Jakarta also serves a bistro menu that offers all-time favorite local delights, traditional Japanese cuisine and scrumptious Western fare.

Together with a refurbished interior, Huize van Wely at Pacific Place also boasts a distinctive menu and tea list from an exclusive collaboration with Dilmah, that is set to tickle the taste buds of jet-setters and evoke memories of their worldly encounters.

This is a place where guests are treated to the finest luxury range of gourmet leaf tea and a matchless array of artisan-crafted teas, food and dessert.


Pacific Place Mall Ground floor, Jalan Jendral Sudirman Kav. 52 – 53, Jakarta
T: +62 21 57973645
Twitter: @huizevanwely
Facebook: HuizevanWelysinds1922
Instagram: @huizevanwely
Photographs by: Huize van wely

Written by FoodieS May 31, 2017.