11th Indonesian Salon Culinaire 2017

Pastry chefs from all over Indonesia and abroad flexed their creative and artistic muscles at the Desserts Plated Indonesian Flavor competition at the 11th Indonesian Salon Culinaire 2017.

The event was held in JIEXPO Kemayoran from April 5 to 8, in conjunction with Indonesian Food & Hotel Exhibition. The competition was endorsed by WACS (World Association of Chef Societies) as a Continental Competition. This year they had 27 classes of competition from Artistic Display and Live Cooking Challenge.

A total of 750 competitors registered for the 11th Indonesian Salon Culinaire 2017. The participants come from all over the world including South Korea, Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan, Dubai and other major cities throughout Indonesia, namely, Bandung, Bali, Semarang, Surabaya, Bogor, and Medan.

Some 27 overseas and WACS certified judges oversaw the competition. Local judges, 18 of then, were also involved in this competition. Chef Otto Weibbel as WACS Culinary Committee became the Chief Judge. Chef Rick Stephen as Continental Director of WACS for ASIA also came to overview the competition.

Among the most interesting events the Desserts Plated Indonesian Flavor and Bocuse D’or & Asian Pastry Cup. For the pastry section, there were 40-50 participants involved to create their signature style dish.

In Desserts Plated Indonesian Flavor, every participants have to create a dessert of their choice using Elle & Vire® products in one hour. In Bocuse D’or & Asian Pastry Cup, the winner will represent Indonesian in Asian Qualification Competition in 2018. However, there were no winner decided on the event because there was no participant that fulfilled and satisfied the criteria from the judges.

“We have to redo the process to decide the winner. This is not only a competition but also learning class. We have the high standard and we want the participant to learn and create from this competition. There is no one to beat but yourself,” commented Chef Stefu Santoso, president of Association of Culinary Professional Indonesia.

However, he expressed his satisfaction on the progress shown by Indonesian chefs. “The participants showed tremendous progress this year. Hopefully, they will continue improve in the future,” he said.

For, the Plated Dessert Indonesian Flavors competition, participants were to display four different types of plated desserts with “Indonesian flavor”, which could be Indonesian herbs or spices. The plated desserts were all to be displayed cold each plate for one person, suitable for a la carte service, with practical and up-to- date presentation required.

The participants were scored based on their composition, correct professional preparation, presentation and innovation, and arrangement and serving.

Written by Tatu Hutami May 30, 2017.