Second Day of UFF Still Full of Excitement.

We have one more day to enjoy the festival!

UFF Day Two is sill full of flavors. Below are some of the highlights on the day.

Among the exciting morning events was the Jackfuit Jive with chef Made Runatha and chef Janur Yasa from MOKSA and Penelope Williams from Bali Asli Restaurant. Listening the talk abou the fruit was interesting, but having the chance to taste jackfruit beer, gudeg, jackfruit taco and jackfruit cheese cake was super exciting.

Later in the morning, Florentinus Gregorius Winarno shared many interesting fact about coconuts. Recently, people has gone crazy for coconuts, which have been consumed and utilized in countless ways across equatorial regions for millennia.


Also speaking on the rising trend of traditional flavors, there are three passionate chefs with mad skill who put their mind to taking care of culinary legacies where they lived. Chef Joannes Riviere who owns Cuisine Wat Damnak at Cambodia, chef Chele Gonzales as the owner of Gallery VASK which is famous for their ‘anthropological cuisine’ at Philippines; and chef Kevin Cherkas as the owner of Cuca restaurant which focus to local ingredients at Bali.

In the afternoon, chef Petty Elliot brought Manado dishes with modern style. One of dishes that she made on the Kitchen Stage is bubur Manado with Italian risotto style.

Florentinus returned to the Main Stage with Wida Winarno and Chef Ragil to talk about about tempe, Indonesia’s gift to the world.


At another stage, chef Chele told his story about searching of the deepest roots of Philippine cuisine, including the search for herbs that only certain tribe know about, the purple colored yam, the seeds of giant cucumber, and a playful dish inspired by Philippine street foods. He successfully awed on that afternoon.

Late in the afternoon, at the Kitchen Staged Kiki Moka judged three bartenders from Locavore, The Night Rooster, and Kubu in cocktail competition. The participants asked to make three cocktail which one of them is their signature cocktail.

Join us as the excitement continue on Day Three.

In the morning, join Fernando Sindu to discover Indonesian breakfasts at Teater Stage. Quench those breakfast cravings with the poster boy of Jakarta’s creative culinary scene

Later join Silvina Miguel, Lino Sauro, Yasmine Simbolon, Rili Djohani, and Rob Garrison at Think, Talk, Taste: Our Future is at Sea.

In the afternoon, refine your skills for publishing success with four masters of the trade, Jed Doble, Kevindra Soemantri, Tzu-I Chuang Mullinax and Fadly Rahman at Masterclass: Food  Writing with Four Masters of the Trade. Because restaurant reviews clogging feeds and new food blogs appearing faster than a plate of telur ceplok, it’s now harder for serious food writers to rise above the rest.

Written by FoodieS May 14, 2017.