The Return of Bottega Ristorante

In the middle of April, after a few months of preparation, Bottega Ristorante finally returned to its original address in Kuningan on the corner of SCBD Fairgrounds Lot 14.

There are several doors to access this place. One is through Bottega Ristorante’s very own bar – the Dirty Laundry – and the other is through its own door.

For fans of the old Bottega Ristorante, there’s no need to worry because almost everything about the new place caters to their memories of the original, sticking to the restaurant’s own idiosyncrasies to an amazing degree.

The interior is set to evoke the glam of the old address in a much roomier space. Houndstooth check covers the chairs. Dim light from the industrial-esque chandelier is set so that vines seem to climb the walls.

For the food, Bottega Ristorante has a strong grip on its roots, European inspired dishes. It is still the same European dishes but they have added a few influences to the menu such as Mexican food.

For a starter, you can try the beet and sugar snap pea salad which is composed of crispy beets with honey vinaigrette, mesclun greens, candied almonds and crumbled gorgonzola.

You then can proceed to a porcini coffee rubbed steak which is made from 300 grams of USDA prime sirloin rubbed with dried porcini and arabica coffee with charred leeks.

If you fancy Italian food, do not miss the spaghetti with pork ragout made from tomato sauce, braised pork shoulder and white wine. There is also penne alla vodka which is made from penne tossed in vodka marinara with salmon chunks, cream and tomato sauce added.

Dessert is not a minor event at Bottega Ristorante. The most recommended dish is flourless hazelnut chocolate cake. This dessert is claimed to be gluten free, yet it still has the right texture and that subtle taste. Some details might have changed at Bottega Ristorante, but the formula remains intact; things fall into place and nobody feels they’re missing out.

Fairgrounds, Lot 14, SCBD, Jakarta
T: +6221 5140 2266
Photographs by: Bottega Ristorante

Written by Tatu Hutami April 30, 2017.