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After finishing her study in London, Metha Trisnawati came back to Jakarta and bumped into SayurBox, a platform for customers to order produce direct from farmers. Metha shares her journey building SayurBox while reminiscing about her favorite childhood food.

Metha was excited when she met with SayurBox founders Amanda Cole and Rama Notowidigdo, who were building the farm-to-table business supporting local farmers and helping consumers to get high-quality fresh produce called SayurBox.

“It tickled me because as a consumer, this was a problem I had myself too – it was challenging to find quality fresh organic produce here in Jakarta. So it’s a real problem that they’re trying to solve through SayurBox and I decided to get involved in helping out,” explained Metha.

Through SayurBox people can get good-quality, organic, hydroponic, pesticide-free, and chemical-free produce directly from the farmers who grow it, making the concept of farm-to- table possible for everyone. The goods are sourced directly from local farmers who are paid a fair price for their work and the reward is given back through the love they put into growing the food.

SayurBox harvests and delivers products from their partner farmers twice a week. Currently they are delivering to areas within Jakarta and South Tangerang. This movement, according to Metha, was aligned with the enthusiasm found in the Indonesian food scene.

“I’ve seen many Indonesian culinary capitals that are emerging. What excites me is that there has also been a blossoming in the raw, vegan, and health-conscious food scene recently.”

Metha describes herself as a Balinese girl despite never living in Bali. Growing up, she was brought up in several different cities across Indonesia but she was heavily influenced by Balinese culture and heritage from her family, especially in terms of food.

She loves exploring the food scene in Ubud, Bali. She said that right now Ubud is filled with a great mix of gourmet cuisine, coffee experiences, casual dining as well as raw and vegan culinary offerings.

“I can’t help but love spices! I loved to indulge myself in rich-tasting cuisine growing up, but I’m balancing my food obsession with clean eating,” said Metha.

“My earliest food memory – well, Balinese food! The fragrant, savory, and rich tasting spices in Balinese cuisine probably shaped my taste preferences growing up,” added Metha, who also proclaimed her love for sweets.


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