OKU: Bringing You The Authentic Taste of Tsukiji Market


If food and travel are your thing, then Tsukiji Market is a must visit place when in Japan. Now, you can get a taste of Tsukiji Market in Jakarta.

OKU is a Japanese premium restaurant located at Hotel Indonesia Kempinski in the heart of Jakarta. FoodieS was invited to OKU’s recent special omakase menu tasting, involving an authentic dining experience of Tsukiji Market.


For those who don’t know Tsukiji Market, it is the world famous wholesale market for fish, fruits and vegetables in central Tokyo, Japan. You can pick your fish and ask local restaurants to cook it for you, or just sit at any restaurant and enjoy their dishes because all the food places there are guaranteed to source fresh ingredients from the market.

Photo credit: OKU

Photo credit: OKU

Enjoying the Okukase menu at OKU using ingredients from Tsukiji Market is an experience that shouldn’t be missed. Some of the dishes were really fun and memorable for us, but let’s start with the Uni.

It’s like umami bomb in one bite. The combination of sea urchin, chutoro (medium fatty tuna), and caviar is a deadly combination of rich tastes, but the seaweed cracker elevate it further by providing a lovely texture to the dish.

Next is the Oku Karaage, a blackened deboned chicken thigh. You put the whole thing in your mouth before biting into it, to avoid sweet sauce flying across the table. It’s fun to have with friends and and watch their expressions when it pops in their mouth.

Photo credit: OKU

Photo credit: OKU

The next dishes are the seasonal fish from Tsukiji Market and Iseebi (spiny lobster). For both dishes, they use the freshest ingredients; these two main courses are full of flavor and will satisfy your palate. The sweet lobster meat combined with savory taste of the sauce is heavenly.

Photo credit: OKU

Photo credit: OKU

Next on the line is Kamo, which is grilled pecking duck breast with duck soup and duck patties with spicy daikon served with wasabi. It has a complex flavor which you will never have enough of; you might munch through three portions of this dish and still crave more.

Thenthere is Unagi, featuring a humble taste from fresh water eel with charcoal grilled rice, and Mizu, the famous water mochi also known as the rain drop cake from Japan. The last one is called Matcha, a combination of green tea, white chocolate, and raspberry marshmallow. These three last dishes are like a warm breeze to end the adventurous meal. Chef Kazumasa Yazawa, better known as chef Kaz, is the mastermind behind OKU’s kitchen. “All of my creations are made with absolute respect toward all the products and ingredients that are used,” he said. We’re sure to be back.


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Written by Yosua Yanuard Photographs by Yosua Yanuard April 30, 2017.