Nasi Goreng Gila Bang Gondrong

Late night street food vendors are saviors for those who suffer from chronic midnight cravings. If you happen to be in Menteng for your next shift on werewolf watch, stop by at Nasi Goreng Gila Bang Gondrong before work.

Nasi goreng gila is basically fried rice with a twist or five. Gila means crazy in Indonesian. So why is it called Nasi Goreng Gila? Because in addition to the basic topping of egg, the cook goes overboard by adding meatballs, sausages, veggies and so on.

Like its basic cousin nasi goreng, nasi goreng gila is available on almost every corner of Jakarta, catering to everyone, from the paupers to the princes.

One of the most famous vendors is Nasi Goreng Gila Bang Gondrong on Jalan Besuki in Menteng in Central Jakarta.

This one is so famous that people from other municipalities or even out of town go out of their way to satiate their crazy fried rice pangs.

Recently, I stopped by the place. I ordered nasi goreng gila with omelette on top. Less than a minute later, the seller served my food.

So ready is this vendor to cater to the huddling masses, they’ve premade the nasi goreng, with the “gila” topping readied in level of spiciness: not spicy, medium and spicy.

Nasi Goreng Gila Bang Gondrong uses three main ingredients for the topping: sausages, meatballs and eggs. These ingredients are mixed well before chili is added.

You can top your rice with extra egg to your liking, omellette or sunny side up for an extra Rp 5,000.

Nasi Goreng Gila Bang Gondrong sells 400 portions on average per day. It opens daily from 5 pm to 4 am, perfect hours to bring Vlad with you.


Jalan Besuki, Menteng


OPENING HOURS: Daily, 5 pm – 4 am
SPEND PER PERSON: Rp 25,000 – 30,000

Written by Lion Haloho Photographs by Lion Haloho April 28, 2017.