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On their own, coffee and martinis are known to be enjoyed convivially. What if the two are combined? We asked The Dharmawangsa’s mixologist Arnold Rozacques about his latest creation, the Espresso “Gayo” Martini.

The espresso “Gayo” martini was inspired by Indonesia’s traditional favorite drink of all time, kopi tubruk, which forms the foundation for the selection of Aceh Gayo coffee beans as the base of this classic yet exotic beverage. The bean was chosen by Arnold Rozacques for its earthy characteristics and balanced acidity, which complements the other ingredients in the drink.

“I was inspired to create a unique beverage that goes with my personal philosophy of utilizing as many local ingredients as possible to put forward the refined flavors of Indonesian produce. This martini is also perfect for the identity of The Dharmawangsa Jakarta as an Indonesian luxury hotel,” said Arnold.

For Arnold, it was quite a challenge to pair caffeine and alcohol in a balanced beverage. Coffee has acids, sugars, waxes and oils, while martinis are a refined mix of brandy and  liqueur.

There was always a risk of throwing everything out of control. However, when mixed with the right measurements, it resulted in a delicate balance of coffee bitterness subtle sweetness, rounded out by signature brandy flavors. Arnold said the drink was best accompanied with fritters such as fried cassava or banana.

Head up to The Dharmawangsa Jakarta’s Majapahit Lounge to order the beautiful blend yourself. Guests are free to choose where to drink their favorite cocktails, whether they prefer to be at the Caviar Lounge with a mixture of Russian and Sumatran décor, the Tea Lounge that is set up as a comfortable Indonesian living room, the Library with collections of modern to old-fashioned books, or The Bar with a simple yet classy look.


The Dharmawangsa
Jalan Brawijaya No. 26, Jakarta
Facebook: thedharmawangsajakarta
Photographs by: The Dharmawangsa Jakarta

Written by Tatu Hutami April 28, 2017.