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Junk Food Creations: Lucky Suherman

We invited two of our best friends and culinary creators, Lucky Suherman  and Sebastian “Seby” Subakti, to create junk-food-based dishes to lead you into the kitchen.

“If I have to describe my relationship with junk food, I’m a total sinner. Junk food for me is comfort food that has lots of sin. It is easy, accessible and cheap.”

“There is no certain time for me to eat junk food but I usually eat junk food whenever I’m hungry or late at night. I like to go around with my bike, not to get healthy or anything. I bike to explore what’s in the area, particularly what the street vendors sell. So, if you bike with me, we will have to stop at several spots. I can go hours biking and munching.”

“My favorite junk foods are fries, especially those curly fries from Wendy’s, and also burgers from Burger King. Oh, also Hershey from, again, Burger King. Do you classify mi ayam (chicken noodles) as junk food? I love noodles too. But my favorite go-to is a burger. Why? It is easy and clean eating compared to other junk food.”

“I have quite some time to think about the theme for the dishes. For the taco, I was thinking, what is the easiest to make at home? Then come nuggets, but of course, nuggets with rice would be too easy and too lazy. I also was thinking, instead of preparing chicken strips or shredded chicken, why not nuggets? They have the MSG and I just need to give the spotlight to the nuggets for them to be elevated junk food. In the other dish, I use Cheetos to get the spiciness. I thought it was mainstream to use chilies or jalapenos so I used spicy Cheetos.”

Nugget Tacos


3 Taco shells
1 Corn cob
1 Onion
1 cup Chives
100 gr Sundried tomatoes
3 Limes
500 gr Nuggets
400 gr Cheddar cheese
8 Cherry tomatoes


  • Deep fry nuggets with palm oil until golden brown, dice.
  • Grill corn over fire, cut off the cob, mix with diced onion, sliced chives, sliced sundried tomatoes. Add lime juice, lime zest, salt and black pepper.
  • Heat taco shells in a pan to make them crispy.
  • Put the mix into the taco shells and finish with shredded cheddar cheese on top.


“BMC” Bacon Mac and Cheese

500 gr French fries
100 gr Streaky bacon
1 pack Kraft mac and cheese
100 gr Cheddar
50 gr Parmigiano reggiano cheese
1 pack Raisins
1 pack Cheetos Flamin’ hot

• Deep fry french fries in palm oil until crispy.
• Pan fry bacon until crispy.
• Make mac and cheese and add some more cheddar and parmigiano.
• Serve fries with mac and cheese, bacon and crunched Cheetos.
• Sprinkle some raisins and parmigiano on top.


Instagram: @lucky_skitchen

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