Internet That Never Fails

You can find instant noodles everywhere. In Asia, there’s a plethora of flavors to go with the three-minute dish. But here in Jakarta, there’s a special extra sinful instant noodle concoction called Internet. You read that right; it’s called Internet.

Jakarta is infamous for its ungodly rush hour traffic. While you can choose to accept fate and just face it, many others prefer to sit it out, find some food and hang out with friends.

There are of course many places to go eat during the rush hour, but what better place than a street food venue where you can get live updates of the traffic situation. There are generic warungs that sell instant everything, including one close to our hearts (and closer still to our arteries due to its salt content): the instant noodle.

indomie (the metonymy Indonesians use for instant noodles), telor (egg) and kornet (corned beef), and by default complemented with blanched mustard greens in a futile attempt to make the dish healthier.

Like many Jakartans, I order it with extra grated cheddar cheese; you know, to crank the umami level to 11. Have your bowl with chopped cabe rawit (bird’s eye chili) to make that sweet iced tea extra satisfying. For many, this is the bane of their diet.

At WAFA 99, you can also order other guilty pleasure dishes like charcoal toasted bread or grilled bananas topped with chocolate sprinkles, cheese and generous-bordering-murderous amounts of sweetened condensed milk.

Written by Yosua Yanuard Photographs by Yosua Yanuard April 28, 2017.