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Food Fight: Cheeseburgers

Cheeseburgers come to the front of our minds when we talk about junk food. The basic combination of a sliced bun, cheese, patty and the sauce often help us to get through the day. We swear by different cheeseburger brands; but here at FoodieS we’d like to look at the numbers.

The FoodieS crew commits to lots of hard work eating. As such, we took this particular challenge of tasting and comparing cheeseburgers seriously.

We chose to take cheeseburgers from three famous outlets that specialize in hamburgers, namely McDonald’s, Burger King and Carl’s Junior.

There are several parameters that we used: price for a la carte and set menu, delivery service, weight, ingredients and of course the taste. Let’s start with the comparison of the delivery service.

To compare their delivery services, we ordered all of them at the same time at lunch time. McDonald’s and Burger King had an active hotline for us to make a delivery order, but Carl’s Junior was the only one with no delivery service yet. Well maybe it doesn’t really matter in this era of ojek (motorcycle taxi) delivery from third party apps, but McDonald’s won this round with their burger delivered in only 16 minutes after we placed our order, while Burger King and Carl’s Junior took more than 40 minutes through an ojek-hailing app.

McDonald’s offer their a la carte cheeseburger for Rp 22,500 while their set menu is Rp 36,000. Burger King only sells their basic cheeseburger on the set menu without à la carte option. They call it the King Deal Cheeseburger and sell it at Rp 27,500. The most expensive cheeseburger from the three was Carl’s Junior with their basic cheeseburger called the Classic Burger sold à la carte at Rp 43,700 and with a set menu at Rp 65,500. So, if you are looking for a cheeseburger in the late hours before payday, you know where to get it from. But the prices are not without reason, as you can see in the next round.

In the next round, Burger King tipped the scale the least at only 96 grams (gr), followed by McDonald’s with their 112 gr cheeseburger. Carl’s Junior of course came out as the winner of this round at 193 gr. Yup, one Carl’s Junior cheeseburger is bigger but cheaper than two Burger King cheeseburgers.

Next stop, we scrutinized the burger elements. McDonald’s has 7 layers of ingredients; from the top there is the upper half of the plain bun, ketchup, diced onions, sliced pickles, cheese, beef patty and the lower half of the bun.

Burger King has similar ingredients to McD, only without diced onions and with yellow mustard inside and some sesame seeds on the bun.

Carl’s Junior is the simplest one: a bun with sesame seeds on top, mayonnaise, cheese, a beef patty and lettuce.

Carl’s Junior’s cheeseburger might looked the simplest, but to us it tasted the freshest and the bun felt the most moist. The Burger King one, however, had the best taste as McDonald’s onions and pickles overstayed their welcome.

We hope you enjoy reading this statistical report of tasty food. At the time of writing, the FoodieS crew was still recuperating from not counting the calories of these burgers.

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