Dip the Chips

We have noticed that many people like to dip french fries into soft serve ice cream. At first, it may sound strange, but when you try it for yourself, it is simply awesome.

The duo of Gupta and Primo, the brains behind the very successful Eskimomo ice cream, started their home delivery business in 2013. Since then, they have quickly gained popularity. They have expanded to opening pop-ups to showcase their delicious ice cream flavours.

Eskimomo, a Jakarta-based handcrafted ice cream company known for its notorious nasi uduk ice cream, is the first name that popped into my mind when it comes to strange ice cream flavors. Gupta and Primo are crazy enough to mix savory flavors into their sweet creamy goodness.

We at FoodieS just cannot get enough of their ice cream and when we decided to have a “junk food” issue and planned to create our own ice cream flavor, the task obviously had to go to the boys of Eskimomo. We brokered the idea to Gupta and Primo and they were up for the challenge.

The initial idea was creating an ice cream flavor that was both sweet and salty. Our discussions led us to talking about how some people eat their french fries with soft serve ice cream. And thus the idea was born: vanilla with potato chips. Then we decided to throw chocolate into the mix, because who doesn’t love chocolate. We then decided to coat the potato chips with chocolate so that the chips would keep their crispness. To balance out the flavor, we threw in some chewy gummy bears that not only bridge the sweet and salty flavors, but also give a different texture to the mix.

So after a number of trials, we have it: Eskimomo x FoodieS Malted Vanilla with Chocolate Covered Potato Chips and Gummy Bears is our tribute to the junk food culture.

Its malted vanilla base is flavorful and on the sweet side, with dark chocolate coating the potato chips, which keeps them crispy so that when you bite into one, you still get the texture of the potato chips. We used salty chips so that you can instantly juxtapose the salt with the sweet malted vanilla base.

Visit their soon-to-launch website at www.helloeskimomo.id or check out their Instagram @helloeskimomo to order and taste the Eskimomo x FoodieS flavor!


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Written by FoodieS Photographs by Yosua Yanuard April 28, 2017.