Easy Peasy KFC

What do you do when you just had a big night out with your girlfriends and end up being SUPER hungover the next day? The simple answer is always: KFC! Its super greasy exterior and savory taste will surely satiate your appetite. But why stop there? Together with Chef Gloria Susindra from ST. ALi, I present you with some easy recipes to complement your super delicious and super greasy KFC fried chicken!

KFC Fried Chicken Indomie Goreng


Indomie goreng, your choice of flavor

Fried shallots

Fried eggs, half done


To serve, follow the packet instructions for cooking Indomie, top with a fried egg and shredded KFC. Garnish with fried shallots.

KFC Crispy Strips Omelette


3                   eggs

1 tbs            cream

1 tbs            butter

Cherry tomatoes, cut in half

Mushrooms, cut into quarters

15 gr            feta cheese


Whisk the eggs and the cream until well combined. Heat butter in a nonstick pan. Fold the eggs in until they are ¾ way cooked, take it off the heat and add the toppings. The eggs will be fully cooked by the time you’re done.

KFC Fried Chicken with Saus Gulai


Nasi jeruk


1 tsp            Chicken stock

30 ml           Coconut milk

1                   Kaffir lime leaf, chopped

1                   Garlic, chopped

1                   Onion, chopped

Coconut oil

Banana leaves

Gulai sauce

2 packs       Indofood gulai

250 ml        Kara coconut milk



1½ cups      Peanut

½ cup          Dried fish

1 tsp            Chili flakes (or more if you prefer spicier)



Nasi jeruk

  • Cook rice, coconut milk and chicken stock in rice cooker until fully cooked. In a pan, fry kaffir lime, garlic and onion with coconut oil until brown. Add cooked rice and stir until fully mixed.


Gulai sauce

  • Add gulai paste to a warm pan, add coconut milk, boil for 30 seconds then set aside.



  • Toast peanuts, add dried fish, garlic powder and chili flakes.


To serve

  • Layer plate with banana leaves. Place rice on top and smother with gulai sauce. Add KFC chicken and condiments on the side.

KFC Fried Chicken with Waffles



2                   Eggs

2 cups         Flour (preferably cake flour)

1¾ cups      Full cream milk

1 tbsp          Sugar

4 tsp            Baking powder

¼ tsp           Salt

½ tsp           Vanilla extract



2 tbsp          Sugar

1 tbsp          Butter

Orange slices

Caramelized orange slices


Maple bacon


Maple syrup




  • Place all ingredients in a blender, blend until smooth. Rest in the fridge for at least one hour, covered, or up to overnight. The resting time is integral to the waffles rising correctly.



  • Cook sugar in a dry pan until it turns amber. Add orange slices to the amber sugar, cook for 2 minutes, add butter (to stop the sugar from cooking) and further cook for 1 minute. Take off the heat, transfer to a bowl until needed.


Maple bacon

  • Cook bacon until crispy, add ½ cup of maple syrup and cook for 4 minutes.


To plate

  • Stack waffle, fried chicken, caramelized orange slices and maple bacon.
  • Use the bacon maple syrup to pour over the waffles.

KFC Fried Chicken Poutine

INGREDIENTS (all to taste):

Mozzarella cut into cubes

Tater tots

Gravy (buy premade Gravox mix or any other gravy mix you prefer, follow the instructions on the packet, add 2 tbsp of cream and 1 tbsp of fresh cracked black pepper)

Bacon, cut into small pieces and pan fried

Spring onions, sliced



  • To plate, place tater tots on the bottom, mozzarella cubes on top, pour over hot gravy so that the cheese melts, garnish with crispy bacon, KFC crispy strips and spring onion slices.

KFC Crispy Strips Taco


Soft shell tacos


Grilled corn on the cob, sliced




1 tbs            Red onion, diced

To taste       Salt and pepper, lime juice, chopped coriander leaves



Tomato, diced

¼ pc             Red onion, diced

To Taste      Sald and pepper,

lime juice, coriander,




  • Mash avocados, add red onion, salt, pepper, and lime juice. Add chopped coriander leaves.


  • Mix all ingredients and let marinade sit in the fridge until assembly.

To plate

  • Warm the tortillas by microwaving for 15 seconds or in a warm dry pan. Start by a spreading a spoonful of guacamole, lettuce, and then add salsa and the chicken. Be as creative as you like with the ingredients too, add in pineapple chunks if that’s your thing, or even scrambled eggs and maple syrup to give it a breakfast feel.

Written by Indita Probosutedjo and Gloria Susindra Photographs by Dennie Ramon April 27, 2017.