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Chefs’ Guilty Pleasures: Hans Christian


Fairmont’s Chef de Cuisine Hans Christian describes his relationship with junk food as an unbreakable bond. He even further elaborates that nothing in this world can separate him and his love of junk food.

Hans grew up with the influence of a baker mother and artist father. He started to try his hand at food in high school though the outcome was not always as expected. After graduating from high school, Hans was determined to pursue an education at design school. However, he changed his mind at the last minute.

“I’m an artsy person. Cooking is a platform where art can be expressed. I think there are two types of chefs. The first one is the foodie, the chef who goes into the industry because they like to eat. I’m not that one. The second type is not so much into eating but they enjoy the process of creating something. They enjoy crafting the food.”

Speaking of junk food and guilty pleasures, Hans admitted that he used to dislike junk food. He preferred pastry or Padang food as his guilty pleasure. However, his time in the U.S. changed his preferences. When it comes to junk food, Hans said he did not have strict rules about when to have it.

“I will have it whenever I feel like having it even when I am alone. Since most of the guilty pleasure foods are not hard to get,” explain Hans. “Basically for me there is only one reason for the term ‘guilty pleasure’, because it tastes so damn good yet is so unhealthy!” added Hans.

Hans crowned McDonald’s Filet-O-Fish as his favorite junk food. Back when he was working in New York, he once visited the drive thru every single day to get his fix for four months straight. He even got to the point of dirty bulking before finally realizing what he had done was ironic considering he has a degree in culinary nutrition.

Reminiscing about his time in New York and those ironic months, Hans recreated his favorite junk food. However, this creation is healthier and tastier, without diluting the original flavor from each component.

“It’s my interpretation of fish and chips, since it has quite a similar flavor profile to  Filet-O-Fish when you go for a bite. What I am trying to do here is to craft something similar in terms of flavor profile. So you can enjoy the flavor of fish and chips in one bite size.”


A twist on the classic English fish and chips: cured then shaved cod fish mousseline, in a bed of tartar sauce and fried beer batter crisp, topped with dehydrated baby potato chips.


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