Toko Kopi TUKU

Nothing can beat an iced beverage on a scorching sunny day in Jakarta. Jakartans know what’s up and that’s why they like their caffeine kick to come on the rocks.

It was a Tuesday afternoon when I was in the Senopati area, Jakarta. In my head, I was thinking that maybe an iced coffee could help me get through the crazy traffic.

As we know, there are many coffee shops in Senopati. Lucky for me, Toko Kopi Tuku has opened their second store at Ruci’s Joint. So I decided to head there. It’s quite easy to find with eye catching signage in front of the place.

I went in and ordered their famous Es Kopi Susu Tetangga, which literally translates as “neighbor’s icedmilk coffee”. The signature drink is made of Flores bean espresso, milk and palm sugar, with the strong flavors balanced so well.

The beverage is very popular, with many people ordering cups by the dozens through ride-hailing apps. The store even has a special line for delivery orders.

You guessed it, the price is another important reason to its fame. For only Rp 18,000, you can get a cup of Es Kopi Susu Tetangga.

Ruci’s Joint is actually an art space. On the ground floor there are many stalls, forming a kind of food court. Besides Toko Kopi Tuku, there is Tan-Kwee, Yadong, Wyowa, and Lassdun. It’s also a nice place to hang out with friends or open your laptop for some work. The second floor is for art exhibitions.

Now to return to the snail-paced traffic. I think I’ll have my second cup of iced coffee first.


Jalan Suryo No. 49
Senopati, Jakarta
Instagram: @tokokopituku


Opening hours:
10 am – 10 pm
10 am – 12 am

Written by Lion Haloho Photographs by Lion Haloho April 22, 2017.