Ubud Food Festival 2017: Every Flavor Is a Story


A three-day culinary adventure with Indonesian food as the star, the Ubud Food Festival is Southeast Asia’s leading culinary event showcasing Indonesia’s diverse cuisine, innovative chefs and extraordinary local produce.

In 2017, the Ubud Food Festival will return for its third year from 12-14 May. Alongside Indonesian chefs, restaurateurs, producers and food professionals, celebrated culinary icons from around the world will dish up a program rich in fresh tastes and fresh ideas.

This year, the Ubud Food Festival will be infused with the theme ‘Every flavor is a story’. The theme celebrates Indonesia’s culinary heritage, in which every ingredient, recipe and culinary tradition tells a story of the archipelago’s history, geography and diverse cultures.

The theme also reflects on the journey from producer to plate; from forging relationships with local growers to fostering awareness of broader ecological and industry trends that are shaping Indonesia’s – and the world’s – culinary landscape.

Across the Festival’s three-day program, more than 100 chefs, culinary icons, restaurateurs, environmental advocates and social innovators will unpack flavors, traditions and regional influences to deepen their understanding of not just what food tells us – but of the stories we tell through food.

So, what else are you waiting for? Get the tickets right now. More info on www.ubudfoodfestival.com.


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Written by FoodieS April 12, 2017.