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Sublime Creations

Chef Craig Panizza believes food is always about the freshness and the quality of the ingredients as well as applying your knowledge and using fundamental techniques to showcase the produce.

Craig was born in Perth, Australia to Italian parents. From very early he was surrounded by family who lived to cook.

“My family cooks a lot, from my grandparents to my parents, I was always surrounded with this environment. They made their sauces, pastas, sausages to preserving their own fruits every summer for the winter months. Everything was made from scratch. We always ate at home as a family, very rarely we dined out. For me nothing beats fresh food made daily,” he chef shared his story.

He started his culinary journey which so far has spanned 25 years. Started when he was 15, completing a 4 years apprenticeship learning all sections within a professional brigade.

From there, he worked for many highly regarded restaurants, mostly under German chefs. From restaurants in 5-star hotels to 2-star Michelin establishments from Australia to Europe.

“When I was younger, I also enjoyed competing in many competitions, and success came with that also. Which gave me the ability to travel, and really see different produce and brought me knowledge that you cannot buy” admitted chef Craig.

“For me, food is about cooking, not shopping! Cooking is not always about serving expensive products on a plate. We as chefs must use the freshest and best quality ingredients we can find, whether that is local or imported, then we must respect the fundamentals of cookery which with give us a great foundation to start from to showcase each individual product. One must also respect the produce itself, by refining and not over complicating food, allowing each individual ingredient to speak for itself.”

Chef Craig has also co-founded and operated Chicory European patisserie, one of the most highly recommended patisseries in Jakarta, with his wife Priscilla Wignjopranoto for three years.

Together they have recently added a new establishment for their creative output. Their restaurant Piquant serves modern European haute cuisine. “At Piquant, we offer food that represents ourselves and what we would want to eat. Our food is always evolving and reflects our personalities”

“We both have been using Elle & Vire ® products for three years now. For us is it a joy and privilege to use such a renowned quality product. From their butter to their cream, it is exceptional quality. But their new product, the Sublime cream with Mascarpone is great to work with. In Piquant, we use Sublime to create our White tomato mousse. It’s a fantastic product, the 30 percent mascarpone adds a great depth of flavor and stability, it also gives you a nice roundness to your dishes and has the ability to carry flavors like no other,” recognized Chef Craig.

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