One of The Best Food Stalls in South Jakarta: Warung Boma

Looking for a late dinner? Need an energy boost to pull an all-nighter? Warung Boma is the answer to your midnight cravings.

“I am hungry, let’s eat,” said one of my friends in a group chat. The clock read 10.30 pm, but it still sounded like a good idea to me, maybe because I had an early dinner. Before I replied, he had already sent another text, “If anyone wants to join, I am going to Warung Boma.” That was how I learned about this food place.

Warung Boma is located on Jalan Fatmawati. If you come from Blok M, then it is about 100 meters after ITC Fatmawati on the right side of the street. The place is tight, just like an ordinary food stall in Jakarta, but the tables are clean. Darmanto, the owner of Warung Boma, got the name from abbreviating of Bocah Madiun (Madiun kid). He and his wife are natives of Madiun in East Java and they also hire people from Madiun at the warung.

Darmanto opened it four years ago, and it has won a considerable number of loyal customers. I believe it all happened because they succeeded in two of the most important things in the food business: good food and good service. Darmanto always give good service to his customers. Sometimes he tells stories or makes jokes with his wife and also with the customers.

They serve a signature dish from Madiun, which is sego pecel. In Javanese, sego means rice and pecel is a traditional Javanese salad consisting of mixed vegetables in peanut sauce dressing. This dish is served warm with fresh vegetables like with kenikir leaves, spinach, bean sprouts, cassava leaves, kemangi leaves, lamtoro beans, srundeng (fried coconut) and orek tempe (fried tempe), as well as a generous scoop of warm rice. It is perfect for a cold night and because it has lots of vegetables, you feel less guilt eating it past midnight.

But, if you’re not afraid to gobble down a heavy meal in the middle of the night, then iga bakar cobek is a must. It’s roasted ribs on a hot plate. They put marinated beef ribs on a plate made of clay, heat them on a stove then add oil, shallots, chili and tomato. It’s served while it’s really hot and the aroma is just out of this world. One bite and I was in love with the dish.

There are also many options for good side dishes which you can have for even greater satisfaction. Depending on what you eat, you might spend between Rp 15,000-30,000. The warung is ready to serve its customers every day from 7 pm until 3 am. This humble food stall is undeniably a good treat for tired employees and those heading for their graveyard shift.


Jalan RS Fatmawati No. 18E
T: +62 812 80550004
OPENING HOURS: Daily, 7 pm – 3 am
SPEND PER PERSON: Rp 15,000 – 35,000

Written by Yosua Yanuard Photographs by Yosua Yanuard March 23, 2017.