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Super Steak’s Staunch Stand


Super Steak is ready to rebound and run on a larger field after a couple of years holding back and waiting for a right time.

I still remember the taste of the rib eye steak from the black Angus meat cooked medium, which was my first order ever at Super Steak. When I took the first bite, I could feel the tender and juicy meat with a natural savory taste which showed the quality of the meat. The idea to serve steak dishes with great ingredients in a casual environment rather than a fancy restaurant may not sync with everyone. But Windu Mashud and his wife Febby, the owner of Super Steak, have proven their idea.

Have a conversation with Windu, and you will immediately know why Super Steak was born. “Steak is my favorite food since I was a child”, said Windu who is also a basketball enthusiast. So, whenever he ate out, if the food place had steak on the menu, he always ordered one. He then earned to cook meat by himself and was usually the one in charge of BBQ parties for in a family and friends. Having great support, he started to play with the idea of opening his own food place.

The decision was finalized when he had to leave a job at an advertising business “Three days after my last day, I opened Super Steak for the first time. It was in 2011 and we only used Rp 1.5 million for ingredients. The rest were borrowed items, like chairs, tables, tablecloths, and even knives,” said Windu, who cited Jamie Oliver and his favorite movie Ratatouille as his cooking inspirations.

The opening night surprised him; around 100 guests came to have a taste of his cooking. Since then Super Steak has kept gaining attention from many foodies.

Super Steak is a manifesto of Windu’s idealism on how to run a business. They offer a high-quality food experience, aiming for every guest to make another visit, and another and another. Even though they use the best ingredients, they cut costs by opening their business at their garage.

In the past couple of years, Super Steak had two problems hit it pretty hard. The first one was the less than energized Indonesian economy and the second was the construction of an elevated road near their place, which has caused bad traffic jams.

But things have started to turn; Windu believes this is the time for Super Steak to make a return.

In the near future, Super Steak will open a branch at Pantai Indah Kapuk (PIK). Currently, they are in the process of setting up a franchise and are aiming to open three to six new branches by the end of this year. “After 5 years building Super Steak and maintaining our quality, now our target is to become a franchiser, but the dream is to have our own fast-moving consumer goods  company,” Windu stated.

Not only expanding their business, they are also planning to rebrand Super Steak, starting from the logo design and of course developing a new menu. He mentioned two dishes he was considering adding to the new menu: raclette cheese burger and smoked brisket.

Near the end of our conversation, my order was served and every bite from the tenderloin black Angus tasted as amazing as expected. Can’t wait to see how Super Steak will grow in the near future.

Jalan Dempo I No. 76
Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta
T: +21 7236945
Instagram: @super_steak
Twitter: @super_steak

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