The Dutch

We live in a time in Jakarta where almost  anyone could open their own restaurant and attending openings is a normal monthly occurrence. So what makes a restaurant stand out from the rest? I believe it is that personal touch on food and service and also an understanding of what the market wants, without compromising on what the restaurateur is aiming to deliver. To me, The Dutch smartly captures all that, and then some (together with its great interior design and, very important, highly photogenic food).

It all began from Chef Chris Moes’ own dream of opening up his own Dutch restaurant in Jakarta. Hailing from the Netherlands himself, Chef Chris wanted to showcase his home food in the city, with, of course, a few adjustments to suit Indonesian tastes. What then started as a Dutch concept became a great venue that incorporates homemade comfort food with a twist of entertainment that caters to Jakarta society very well.

The Netherlands is famous for its comfort food, such as stew, sausages, bacon, hodgepodge with potatoes and carrots and even gravy. Chef Chris wanted to deliver his home country’s food in a more elevated way. Think dishes that are cooked further, marinated further or processed further, to create optimum tenderness and flavors. This is definitely reflected in the food served by the restaurant, with great meat texture, richness of spices and also savory sauces that complement the dishes.

The Dutch prides themselves in serving homemade food. Many of the sausages served at the restaurant are made in-house, marrying various types of meat with carrots and spices, with combinations commonly found in Dutch sausages back in the Netherlands. Other foods that are proudly made within the restaurant include smoked salmon, cold cuts, pickles and sauces.

Its signature dishes includes The Dutch Sausage Platter, with rookworst chorizo, lamb merguez and chicken sausages, with sides of cornichons, mustard and chili sauce; rookworst sausage, which is a mix of smoked pork sausage with piccalilli and pearl onions; braised lamb baked in puff pastry with edamame beans, smoked potatoes, mint and beef jus; Oma’s meatballs, with broenkool mashed potato and kale, fried onion rings and gravy; and The Dutch Rijsttafel, with Balinese beef rendang, chicken sate lilit, urap, greens, fried egg, beef rind crackling and shrimp paste sambal.

As part of the Union Group, The Dutch smartly pairs its comfort food with signature alcoholic beverages. The restaurant prides itself in its selection of beer on tap, including the rarely found imported Guinness beer (other Guinness served in Indonesia tends to be locally made). The cocktail options are also vast, including the Americano that is also available on tap!

Located in SCBD, The Dutch is strategically positioned to serve mixed types of customers. You can find a variety of people within the restaurant, from young hustle and bustle yuppies to businessmen. The events held at the restaurant also cater perfectly to the various markets that it serves. For instance, my personal favorite Live at The Dutch biweekly event, where Jakarta’s known performers like Mike’s Apartment and Imela Kei perform live on Wednesdays and Fridays, is always a great way to unwind and sing your favorite tunes with the younger Jakarta crowd. There is also the occasional chef’s table for avid foodies, where Chef Chris personally serves food to a select number of customers by the restaurant’s open kitchen bar. Further, The Dutch also offers happy hour from Mondays through Saturdays from 2 pm to 8 pm, as well as Sundays, with special deals on its imported Guinness on tap.

To top it all off, with an open kitchen and cozy atmosphere, the restaurant’s venue is highly inviting. Lots of natural light comes in, which is also great for those who love to take Instagram #foodporn pictures. The incorporation of lots of wood on its walls and interior features provides that bar feeling, with a modern twist.


18 Parc SCBD, Tower E
Jalan Jenderal Sudirman
SCBD, Jakarta
T: +62 21 5152828
Instagram: @thedutchjakarta

Written by Indita Probosutedjo Photographs by Dennie Ramon March 15, 2017.