BlackGarlic Released New Mobile-first and More User Friendly Website

BlackGarlic has served more than 16,000 household in Jakarta. Now they launched new mobile-first and user friendly website.


BlackGarlic has served more than 16,000 household in Jakarta. Now they launched new mobile-first and user friendly website.

BlackGarlic, the first online ready-to- cook delivery service in Indonesia, wants to help anyone easily cook for their families with delicious chef-designed recipes. They delivered almost 10,000 meals per month in Greater Jakarta.

On March 9, BlackGarlic launches a new mobile-first and more user-friendly website. Every week, subscribers can choose recipes to be sent to their homes simply through the phone by using the BlackGarlic website. Subscribers can choose the number of menu, choose between two servings or four servings, adjust the shipping address, and make payments.


Also starting that day, BlackGarlic is now focusing on the weekly subscription format, and discontinued the ala carte option. There are many benefits to subscribing. Their meal boxes are scheduled to be sent to homes every week. Cheaper price and without commitment. Customers can skip deliveries and stop subscription anytime.

“BlackGarlic makes cooking for the family easier and more enjoyable. Our ingredients are packed and pre-portioned, along with clear instructions that makes anyone can cook. The weekly subscription format has proven successful and very popular with our customers because it fits the needs of their families,” said Michael Saputra, CEO BlackGarlic.


“Every week BlackGarlic presents 10 delicious menu options loved by the entire family. Each menu is designed by a professional chef and planned through various stages of testing,” said Olivia Wongso, Chief Production Officer BlackGarlic.

Coming week’s menu include Chicken Ball Yogurt Sauce from Chef Marinka, Surabaya Sauteed Beef, Gurame Mango Sauce, Chimichurri Chicken, Parmesan Crusted Salmon Herbs, Hayashi Rice Wagyu Beef, Chicken Curry with Roti Jala, and one of the favorites BlackGarlic Lasagna.


To subscribe, you can sign up at with your Facebook or Google account, select the day of delivery, and then select your desired recipes.

They offered an easy and safe payment method. Through virtual account transfer or online credit card, and stored in SaldoBG where payments are deducted two days before the delivery day.

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Written by FoodieS March 10, 2017.