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Japanese cuisine is known for its simple yet meticulous tastes; at Washoku Souten, Japanese cuisine is redefined.

Tokyo Prince Gallery is equipped with 250 rooms and is located in the capital’s Kioicho district. The hotel, which opened its doors to public in mid-2016, sits comfortably with a view of manicured gardens and parks toward Mount Fuji. The hotel is also furnished with four unique restaurants and bars. Each place offers its own specialities, but Washouku Souten is the most prominent.

The restaurant is a mix of Japanese heritage and tradition with a contemporary style. It is decorated with walls of windows which fuse contemporary interiors with a traditional Japanese style banquet menu and dramatic, metallic ceramics. Another striking feature in the restaurant are the ice chandeliers, which reflect a sense of freshness and celebrate sushi. Washoku Souten houses a dining room, sake bar, teppanyaki area, sushi counter and private dining room.

Executife Chef Takahashi Keita said the concept adopted by Washoku Souten initially made him nervous because it was not familiar or widely known in Japan. He, however, was confident that the taste would suit everyone.

“We have a great expectation but at the same also a sense of insecurity because we do not offer only traditional Japanese food. Though the concept is traditional Japanese, the menu is infused with Chinese and Western touches. I would like to give the customer a sense of surprise and good taste through the collaboration with the other countries’ dishes.” said Keita, who draws inspiration from colors and art.

The dishes at Washoku Souten are treated not only as food but also as sensory works of art displayed on an array of plates selected to complement each course. Order their deep-fried Iberian pork with black vinegar and grilled spicy lobster with two flavors (sea urchin/potato salad).

“These dishes are our hero product and are usually served as part of a celebration. There are fruits and vegetables with colors. You also see there is beads made from olive oil. It doesnt look Japanese, but it has the soul of Japan,” added Keita.

Aside from that, Washoku Souten serves assorted sushi, lobster and beef. All the ingredients are freshly selected from Tsukiji Market.

Prince Gallery Tokyo Kioicho
1-2 Kioicho, Tokyo 102-8585, Japan
T: +81 3 3234 1111
Facebook: theprincegallery.tokyokioicho.en
Instagram: @theprincegallerytokyokioicho
Photographs by: Tokyo Prince Gallery and Tatu Hutami

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