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Fillmore Coffee: A Homey Spot

This coffee shop will make you feel at home with its offerings of thematic coffee.

In the past decade, the Jakarta coffee scene has grown exponentially, thanks to ever easier access to top-grade coffee beans from across the archipelago. Not only from the supply side, but coffee connoisseurs have also boosted enthusiasm.

One of the recent players is Fillmore Coffee, offering not only good quality coffee, but also a cool ambiance. Randy Aliwarga, the owner, created the place from scratch: setting out the concept, choosing the products for the interior, choosing the coffee beans, etc.

Randy has his own unique approach to the business. He started internally, with his employees, creating a sense of kinship within the organization. This then translates to their customers, inviting them to be part of the family. Thus the neon sign that states “I Am Home.”

The menu they’re offering is simple. All the beverages are espresso-based, like cappuccinos, lattes, and gibraltar. The latter one is the famous concoction from San Francisco; coffee in a smaller cup, with a stronger taste and more milk.

Gibraltar is the registered name for a line of glassware tumblers from Ohio-based Libbey Inc. Prior to opening Blue Bottle Coffee Co.‘s first San Francisco café in Hayes Valley in January 2005, owner James Freeman experimented and fine tuned variables for his café by making cappuccinos in  these cheap glasses. A specific beverage was then born.

“If we use another glass, we can’t called it a gibraltar,” Randy said. When I visited, he said he was enjoying exploring coffee from around the world.  True enough, they didn’t serve local coffee when I was there.

But that doesn’t mean they don’t want to use local beans. Fillmore used to serve with Toraja coffee and the response was good, according to Randy.

The place is perfect for escapist coffee lovers. The upstairs is an outdoor area, suitable for passing the time from dusk till late in the evening.

It may not be easy to find; refer to your location app to pinpoint the place.


Jalan H Sidik No. 7, Jakarta
Instagram: @Fillmorecoffeejkt

Opening hours:
Tuesday – Sunday,
8 am – 9 pm

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