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RATIONAL’s Expert Kitchen Session with Chef Sandra Johan

Chef Sandra Djohan hosted an afternoon tasting session introducing an eating experience of French-Indonesian fusion dishes through innovative technology by RATIONAL.

CRAFTING DISHES straight from the heart, Chef Sandra took the attendants to get to know a new eating experience of traditional French cuisine with an Indonesian twist of flavor in the afternoon of Nov. 30, 2016.

Before getting to taste the dishes, Sandra, who hosted the event her French restaurant Epilogue in Cipete, showed how to create them using the RATIONAL SelfCookingCenter® 5 Senses combi oven.

She explained said the SelfCookingCenter® 5 Senses is the only cooking system in the world which senses, recognizes, thinks ahead, learns from and even communicates with its users.


“This amazing unit has make my life so much easier as a food business owner,” she said of the appliance.

The SelfCookingCenter® 5 Senses is the result of 40 years of cooking research and has been  developed for fellow chefs by chefs together with food scientists, physicists and engineers.

“In the past, chefs used to need special appliances like the grill, oven, stove, saucepans or frying pans and a lot of time and effort to prepare a good meal. Today this single appliance with its intelligent assistance functions is enough,” Sandra said with a big smile.

The combi oven can grill, roast, bake, steam, stew, blanch and poach anything: meat, fish, poultry, vegetables, egg dishes, baked goods or desserts whether tens or several thousand meals.


Sandra used the appliances to prepare and cook the dishes. She used it to sous vide a premium beef cut using Toraja coffee infused butter for  her steak with wilted spinach and also bake oozy chocolate lava cake.

The perfect partner for those in the restaurant, hotel, catering or food service industry, SelfCookingCenter® 5 Senses allows users to specify how they want their dishes and implement their ideas.

Its intelligence function is able to sense the current cooking cabinet conditions and theconsistency of the food: recognizes the size, load quantity and product conditionband calculates the browning; earns which cooking habits; calculates ahead and determines the ideal cooking path to desired result while cooking; and also communicates and shows it is is doing to implement user specifications.

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