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Lets Go Hog Wild with CHEF BRUNO

Bruno Fortin, Head Chef of Hog Wild with Chef Bruno, shares his long-life campaign of presenting the innate deliciousness of freshest, quality ingredients.

BRUNO’S JOURNEY eastward begun in the east coast of the U.S. when his wife, Eva, who is from the Philippines, wanted him to discover Asia. “We came to Bali with the purpose of emigrating with our twins. This was for the kids to grow up in a different part of the world and to experience a different culture,” Bruno said.

The drive to move stemmed by what he found at the end of every hard working day in Washington DC, his twin toddlers exhausted and he would hear the sound of his own nagging voice that said “Rise above!”, the same that propelled him away from his native town.


Bruno was born and raised by a restaurateur mother and a butcher father in a small village in Brittany, France. At the age 16, after two years of culinary education, he started humbly by peeling potatoes and washing dishes, not at the Fortin family restaurant that he’s expected to take over, but away on his own, telling himself that to grow, he has to be free.

He developed his expertise far away from home,  working at various kitchens in London, Geneva, Paris, Bermuda, and Washington DC, where he opened his own restaurant Bistrot Lepic in 1995.

Together with his wife Eva, he made Bistrot Lepic one of the top restaurants in the country.

The move to Bali took heaps of courage. Once again, Chef Bruno had to let go. But only one thing made it easy for him – love. Surely, his twin toddlers deserved so much more than successful parents, they deserved parents who are present.


“The first 6-7 years, we spent time together. A very beautiful and meaningful phase in my life because family is everything to me,” he said.

The life and culture in Bali, the island of gods, later brought Bruno to create the signature ribs at Hog Wild with Chef Bruno:  a perfect melange of texture and flavour, sticky, crunchy, sweet, smokey, robust, and unpretentious – much like life on the island.

Why barbecue? Why pork ribs? Why warung? To him, the commitment to quality does not end with a formal kitchen. As someone with deep and meaningful culinary roots, he knows too well the importance of starting with the highest quality of ingredients, and the painstaking application of technique – from procuring meats to configuring the grill, and concocting a sauce that would differentiate Hog Wild from any other barbecue joint.

“Hog Wild means ‘excited to the max’ and that’s the feeling we want to create when people taste our food and feel the ambience. It’s a family resto, but mostly it’s for just plain fun-loving people who want to enjoy a good meal and have great memories with us,” Bruno explained

“I have refined the pork ribs to my taste, they are now tweaked to a good balance of spiciness, sourness and sweetness. I’m very proud of our bebek goreng (fried duck), which started from the French duck confit with an Indonesian twist.”

Let’s go Hog Wild with Chef Bruno!

Jalan Batu Belig 41, Kerobokan, Bali
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