Stemming from two decades of culinary experience, Executive Chinese Chef at Mandarin Oriental Jakarta’s Li Feng restaurant, Chef Chang See Loy shares with us his passage to being an expert in authentic Cantonese cuisine.

THE INSPIRING CHEF began his culinary journey at a tender age of 13, where he spent his teenage years in Singapore simultaneously learning and working in several Chinese restaurants to understand the essence of cooking, from scratch. Before he was 21, he was able to acquire his first big break working as an Assistant Executive Chinese Chef at Bali Dynasty Hotel.

Having established his culinary career in Singapore by working in several restaurants like Ubin Seafood Restaurant and Pioneer Spring Seafood Restaurant, he also successfully opened a Chinese restaurant before moving on to explore the culinary world in Dubai for 12 years.


“I was inspired to learn cooking from seeing and tasting my mother’s delicious dishes,” said Chef Loy, who is also a member of Singapore’s Chefs Association and Chaîne des Rôtisseurs. “I wanted to be able to cook like her so I decided to help her in the kitchen and learn every detail.” He recalls his mother cooking a lot of basic traditional Chinese food but one dish that is engraved in his memory is braised and slow-cooked pork with vegetables and soya sauce.

However, it has been a decade since Chef Loy returned home, especially to celebrate Chinese New Year. “Chinese New Year is the only time of the year when the entire family can truly spend time together.”

Back home, his family would traditionally celebrate the festival by preparing a steamboat or also knows as hot pot, “It doesn’t require much cooking. We just keep on putting as much components in the boiling stock and serve ourselves until we are full!”


To celebrate this Chinese New Year at Mandarin Oriental Jakarta, Chef Loy bestows his expertise for refined Cantonese cuisine and fresh ingredients with dishes like Prosperity Yu Sheng – Salmon and Jelly Fish with Crispy Fish Skin in Sweet Plum Sauce, Seared Xi Sha Island Crayfish with Garlic Sauce, and Braised Baby Abalone with Sea Cucumber and Fat Choy.

Also featured in the restaurant’s menu are a variety of other Cantonese specialties including Deep-Fried Swan Dumpling with Black Pepper Duck Meat, Sweet and Sour Chicken with Pineapple and Bell Pepper and Braised Hele Crab with Japanese Rice in Hoisin Sauce.

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Written by Divya Pridhnani Photographs by Dennie Ramon January 31, 2017.