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Going Local with NASI ULAM MISJAYA


In my almost 20 years of living in Jakarta, I have no memories ever of eating Nasi Ulam. A conversation with friend moved me to go to the one of most recommended Nasi Ulam stall in the heart of Jakarta.

NASI ULAM IS one of the signature dish of the native Jakartans, the Betawi people. Even though it is not as famous as other dish like soto betawi, sop kaki kambing, ketoprak, or gado-gado; Nasi Ulam has its devoted fans, and some of the legendary Nasi Ulam places are always crowded with customer.

Nasi Ulam Misjaya is located on Jalan Kemenangan III, near the famous market of Jakarta called Glodok. From what I heard and read, this is one of the top three Nasi Ulam in Jakarta.

The location is very unique, it opens right in front of Toasebio Temple. The food stall is dominated by the red color from many red plastic bag and is a match with the temple. The table are set inside the area of Toasebio Temple. The environment is nice and  comfortable even though you’re sitting right by the street.

Curious, I go straight to the food stall just to see what happens there. You can see how they prepare and arrange the food in order like clockwork. Nasi ulam is a mix of rice, seasoned rice noodle, fine grated fried peanut, fresh sliced cucumber, kemangi leafs, fried shallots, emping cracker, and sambal (chili paste). To top it all, the ultimate flavoring of the dish comes when it is poured with semur (beef stew) broth. The broth has a sweet and savory taste which elevated all the other elements. My stomach is already grumbling at this point.


I almost cannot hold it when I see the side dishes: egg, tofu, tempe, and potato which is boiled in broth, and also sunny side up, salty fried squid, and fried beef jerky. The last two side dishes are the most favorites here, so I order both.

I returned to my seat and my food followed not long. I fell in love at the first bite! t is wonderful, how all the ingredients are combining together in one plate, and yes my favorite is when I sip the broth and had a spoonful of rice and fried beef jerky. The flavor is addictive and I clean the plate in a blink.

The another amazing part about Nasi Ulam Misjaya is the history. It all began in 1964, where a Nasi Ulam seller named Cek Lam Seng hired three people to help sell Nasi Ulam by door to door, they are Syarif, Aheng, and Misjaya. A year after that, Cek Lam Seng let those three to start their own business but Misjaya is the only one able to hold  his business until now.

The kicker is I only paid less than Rp 30,000 rupiah my big portion plus ice tea. Definitely it won’t be long before my future visits.

Jalan Kemenangan III, Toasebio Temple, Petak Sembilan
T: 0856-9185-3154
OPENING HOURS: Daily, 4pm – 9pm

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