The Sleek and Seductive Manhattan Bar

Inspired by the Golden Age of cocktails and fine drinking, Manhattan is reminiscent of a grand hotel bar, modern yet with a touch of old New York glamour and sophistication.

Manhattan at Regent Singapore

Inspired by the Golden Age of cocktails and fine drinking, Manhattan is reminiscent of a grand hotel bar, modern yet with a touch of old New York glamour and sophistication.

OPENED IN October 2014, Manhattan involved the efforts and hard. It is home to the world’s first in-hotel Rickhouse and has its  own Ingredient Room, which houses a remarkable collection of unusual ingredients from around the world.

Manhattan was named #11 in World’s 50 Best Bars in 2016 by Drinks International as well as among the Top 10 Best International Hotel Bars in the 2015 Tales of the Cocktail® Spirited Awards®.

According to Andreana Soh, the hotel’s Director of Public Relations and Communications, Singapore has become more known for its vibrant and emerging cocktail scene over the last couple of years.


“Four Seasons has been committed to perfecting the travel experience and creating moments for our guests. When launched in 2014, it was one of Singapore’s most anticipated hotel bar openings. The massive renovation transformed what was once an unassuming watering hole into one of Singapore’s most talked-about hotspots,” Andreana said.

Conceived in collaboration with project consultant Proof & Co. (behind 28 Hong Kong St. – #10 World’s Best Bar), the goal was to establish Manhattan as Singapore’s latest destination bar which defines the new Golden Age of cocktails and fine drinking. No effort was spared in putting together a talented team for Manhattan.



Here, you can choose your tipple from artisanal spirits, and classic and forgotten cocktails, meticulously crafted from the world’s first in-hotel rickhouse and a remarkable collection of house-made ingredients, accompanied by gourmet bar bites.

“A lot of work goes behind the development of our menu at Manhattan. Since our launch, we have enhanced the menu a few times; each time to introduce fresh cocktails and bar bites that are reflective of the various districts in Manhattan, New York,” Andreana said.


According to hear, the entire time was involved in the process of developing the menu. “For a start, the team will decide on a specific district that we will showcase and do intensive research on the nuances of the neighborhood – each drink or food item featured on the menu has a story behind it.”

“Once the the bar and kitchen teams are ready with the menu items, a tasting will be organized with other key stakeholders within the hotel. Essentially, every item on the menu is done through a collaborative effort within various departments of the hotel,” she explained.



A look on the new Chelsea district menu will reveal the Tippler’s Crippler cocktail, in tribute to the famous The Crippler cocktail of The Tippler bar and lounge which is  nestled under New York’s famous Chelsea Market.  A tribute to this iconic joint, Tippler’s Crippler is sweet, sharp, slightly dry, and claimed to be by far the strongest most “crippling” drink on Manhattan’s menu.
Definitely a bar for discerning connoisseurs!

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Written by FoodieS January 26, 2017.