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The joy is palpable at Gran Mahakam. Everything from lights in the lobby to food in the Le Gran Cafe is decked with White Christmas spirit.

WITH ATTENTION to detail, distinctly European architecture, beautifully appointed rooms, attentive and responsive service, Gran Mahakam pulls out all the stops for everyone’s favorite season: Christmas and New Year.

The hotel which is located in the southern part of Jakarta gives new meaning to the phrase of “White Christmas,” with decoration dominated in glittering gold, silver, and white as far as you can see. White paper flowers décor at the fountain area where you can capture the Christmas moment in a stylish way, an elegant Chandelier Christmas Tree with a beautiful ball ornaments of silver, gold and bronze and flower arrangement at the centerpiece in the lobby area. And most importanly, the food is just as cheery and merry.


“Almost every year, we use shades of white, silver, and gold for the season. The spirit of these colors would be translated into the food. All the food is infused with this spirit. Last year, we were more into gold while this year is more into silver and white. For the method and ingredients, we take inspiration from the west. As you can see, we use a lot of scallop, salmon, foie grass, and tenderloin,” said Gran Mahakam Director of Public Relations Debby Setiawaty.

She explained that the menu took two months to be developed and the chefs took serious approach to develop them.

“It is a fun experiment of trial and error. However, we have healthy obsession in creating good food.”


Buffet at Le Gran Cafe is decked with wide and festive selections for a huge feast. For apppetizer, try their Pan Seared Scallop with Grilled Vegetable Salad or Assorted Dim Sum. For main course go for Cream Lobster Bisque Soup with Prawn Dumpling, Black Angus Beef Medallion with Foie Grass and Ragout Mushroom and Nasi Daun Jeruk or Lontong Mahakam.

Dessert menu also reflect the spirit just as merrily in an array of traditional Christmas dessert of Pavlova Cake and Yule Log; enjoy the signature dessert Chocolate Melt with Vanilla Ice Cream.

The festivity continues throughout the New Year as Gran Mahakam serves food such as Lobster and Citrus Salad with Walnut Toasted in Endives Leave or Salmon Tartare for the appetizer, Roasted Lamb Rack Provencal with Cream Morel Sauce or the signature Indonesian Nasi Daun Jeruk or Lontong Mahakam for the main course. The delightful dessert of Black Beauty or Raspberry Mille Feuille is ready to be a crowd pleaser.

Anyone longing for the joy of White Christmas can find it here!

Jalan Mahakam I No 8 Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta
T: + 62 21 7209966
Twitter: @granmahakam
Facebook: granmahakam

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