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Alila Villas Uluwatu Executive Chef Marc Lorés Panadés describes his relationship with Sous Chef Eko Purjiono as being in the lovely part of a relationship. We dig deeper on their collaboration and what they like about each other.

MARC’S CULINARY career began at hospitality school in his home city of Lleida in Spain. It was not something he planned but something he is surely grateful of. He was tired of studying in the university and thinking of switching into hospitality.

“When I was young my dream job was to be an archaeologist. But I end up as a chef. It’s the nice part of life that amazing things happen suddenly and I see myself working in one of the nicest hotels in Bali with such an awesome team.”

Eko’s story is also filled with unexpected twists. He originally wanted to be a teacher. He came to Jakarta from a small village in Central Java, Klaten. In Jakarta, he worked at his uncle place for two years. Realizing that he had insignificant career progress, he decided to go back home. But his uncle offered him another job as as steward in restaurant. From that moment, Eko’s life changed drastically.

The shared love for the food especially crispy soft shell crab and the unexpected twists in their career brought the two to meet each other at Alila Villas Uluwatu.

Despite only have been working together for five months, both Marc and Eko were praising each other.

“We are still in the early stage of the relationship and learning about the character of each other. So far, I find him to be accommodating. Marc is flexible and he trusts me and the team. He makes us feel secure,” said Eko.

When asked to described their working style, Marc said that the relationship between chef and sous chef is a really fluent relation. He mentions that working in the kitchen for very long hours can be very stressful. However, long hours and stress also can strengthen the bond between chef and sous chef. Thus, it is important to split duties.

Marc mentioned a time when they created raw version of Sate Lilit and a sorbet. He came with the idea but the final taste came from Eko.

He also added that “We just care about big problems due to many things that can happen in the kitchen. You don’t have to argue for small things and also you cannot afford to lose the precious time.”

He also credited Eko for being the big guy who keeping the team together.

Chef need sous chef to run the kitchen, from hiring and firing to choosing between chives and chervil as the garnish for a new dish; but some do a great deal more than that, just like Marc and Eko.

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