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It might not be winter but some of these white cocktails from UNION may help get you into the holiday mood.

CHRISTMAS IS always a perfect time to relax and have a warm get-together with family and friends. It’s not wintery Christmas weather in Indonesia, but we do get a cool breeze and sometimes a chill.

During my recent visit to UNION, I discovered a few cocktails to help boost the holiday mood and gery everyone ready for Christmas.

The first one was a Hot Toddy-inspired signature cocktail called A Monk Called Toddy. Irwansyah, the Head Bartender of UNION, told me that the signature cocktail was only available during Christmas 2016, “It’s a perfect drink to be enjoyed during the cold and wet weather,” said the man whose nickname is Bule.

But before enjoying this special cocktail, Bule led to me to sip a few other cocktails.


He first prepared for me the classic Eggnog, which is a concoction of cream and milk, brown sugar, rum and egg yolk. “This warm drink is usually served in a big bowl where everyone can scoop it out and serve themselves.” Bule used the steam from the coffee machine to heat a portion. His Eggnog had a creamy texture and the perfect amount of rum to help the conversation flow.

The next cocktail was called Choco Mint Truffle. It’s a clean white colored cocktail with a chocolate stick on the side. This signature cocktail uses vodka, several kinds of cream, vanilla syrup, and also a handful of mint leaves. It was refreshing and light. When enjoyed with the chocolate stick, it’s addictive. The aroma of the truffle on the chocolate stick goes really well with vodka.

The last cocktail was the one that Bule has kept since the beginning of our conversation, a cocktail that he created only for this year’s Christmas. It is inspired by the story how Chartreuse was invented by Monks in France who used herbs, plants, and flowers to make a mixture to cure illness. “We want to create a drink that also uses herbs and liquor but served warm like a Hot Toddy”, Bule explained.

This time he prepared a fancy tea cup and kettle, which you don’t usually see at a bar. He started by soaking fresh sage and rosemary in hot water inside the pot. He then added chartreuse, honey, lemon juice, and the sage and rosemary tea in a jug, before heating the mixture with a torch.

He then pulled the mixture back and fort between two jugs. When Bule finally poured it into the tea cup, I could smell the fragrant herbs and felt transported to a mountainside lodge. It is fresh yet warm.

A Monk Called Toddy is now my new favorite and I’m sure it’s going to be yours too.

A Monk Called Toddy
Serves: 1



45 ml          Chartreuse yellow or green
75 ml          Fresh sage and     rosemary tea
15 ml          Acacia honey
15 ml          Lemon juice


  • Mix all the ingredients to one vessel.
  • Flambe the mixture to make sure everything is heated.
  • Pour mixture several times between vessels to get the right texture.
  • Serve in a tea cup.
  • Garnish with chocolate wafer roll with truffle oil.

Serves: 1



60 ml          Half-and-half
1 pc            Egg yolk
2 tbp           Brown sugar
45 ml          Gold rum


  • Mix cream and milk, brown sugar, and gold rum.
  • Put the egg yolk in, then mix to break the yolk.
  • Steam.
  • Pour straight to glass.
  • Garnish with grated cinnamon on top.

Choco Mint Truffle
Serves: 1



45 ml          Vanilla vodka
20 ml          Crème de menthe white
20 ml          Crème de cacao white
60 ml          Half-and-half
12 pcs         Mint leaf
10 ml          Vanilla syrup


  • Mix all ingredients into a shaker.
  • Hard shake.
  • Double strain into glass filled of ice.
  • Serve with chocolate stick with two spray of truffle oil.

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