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Rendezvous’ Delicious Chinese Food


Rendezvous Restaurant shows what it means to stand the test of time, keeping the past in sync with the present.

RENDEZVOUS WAS first opened in Menteng Bioscoop in 1973. In 1985, it relocated to its current location on Jalan Johar in Gondangdia.

From the outside, the restaurant does not look fancy. As you approach the building, you will spot a pink sign that says “Delicious Chinese Food.” The building is painted in the same hue as the sign.

As you go inside, you can tell that the seasoned and warm walls and the furniture are silent witnesses to many stories and food shared by loved ones.


A small tip: Don’t come here during rush hour such as lunch time; it’s going to be packed to the brim. Consider yourself lucky if you manage to get a seat during this times.

The story behind Rendezvous is a story of survival and perseverance. Husband and wife, Lukman and Lilyana Effendi, had to think of something after their cosmetic store was no longer profitable.

“A relative suggested us to open a restaurant. We didn’t give it much thought, we just agreed to the idea. We changed the store into a Chinese restaurant. It was a brutal but life changing experience for us. I was pregnant at that time and had zero experience in the business,” said Lilyana.

The first menu was very simple, including dishes such as fried noodle, chicken, meatball, and fried rice. With time the menu developed to what it is now.



One of the best seller from Rendezvous is Es Pelajar, first introduced in 1979. The same year, Rendezvous also introduced its famous siomay. Both of the dishes are  popular among celebrities and politicians.

The siomay dish is more expensive than those of others others but you won’t regret every penny of it. According to Lilyana, to make the dish, you need the freshest fish available, use only the white-colored flesh and mix with choice flour. For the peanut sauce, Rendezvous also only use the best ingredients from the market, some of it even are imported from Hong Kong.

Another best sellers are Gohiong Udang, Kangkung Cah Sapi, and Ikan Gurame Asam Manis. You can find the same dishes everywhere in Jakarta. But then again, what makes people coming back to Rendezvous are the use of high quality ingredients, its history and also the hearts and souls involved behind the food.

Rendezvous has served generations of loyal customers. Lilyana and Lukman too, while still seen around the store, are ready to pass the baton to their daughter. Remember this historical place, the next time you’re in Menteng!

Jalan Johar No. 2B-C, Gondangdia, Jakarta
T: +62 21 3905973
OPENING HOURS: 10.30 am – 10 pm

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