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Flavor-packed feast at BISTECCA

Riding on the more casual dining wave, but still maintaining quality, Bistecca, the new Italian-American steakhouse and martini bar push forward perfect execution and deep Italian roots.


WITH AN APPROACH that focus on quality, the Union Group and Executive Chef Luca Pezzera, set the stage for epicurean sophistication and authentic essence at Bistecca.

Nowadays, more and more restaurant and chefs changing their direction into more casual dining—a phenomenon highlighted by growing number of chefs returning their Michelin stars back for the freedom to create and innovate.


Luca, too, feels that casual dining gaining momentum now, especially in Asia. He would know with his 30 years of experience in the culinary world including stints at Scusa in Jakarta, Bonta and District 10 in Singapore and recently at Caffè Milano, all of which has won him a loyal following.

“From my experience, Asia is about living large. Here, we like to share and hold a big feast. They like to eat in big portion. Europe is a bit different, meals are very individual. Living large in Asia is the best as fine dining is “finishing,” said Luca who list Soto Betawi and Gado-gado as one of his favorit food.


He went on to add that going big doesn’t mean lowering the standard. Keeping the standard high for elevated experience remains essential.

“Big restaurants all over the world are now doing atelier, trattoria, or bistro style. By doing so, you don’t need to compromise your food. You still have great food and quality but in a more approachable environment like we have in Bistecca.”

Bistecca is a mix of Italian-American food which proud itself in its large and approachable style; immediately calling up images of mac n’ cheese, steak, cupcake, and caesar salad.

The design concept for Bistecca pays tribute to the clean and simple lines of Italian postwar architecture. The dining room is adorned with quintessential Italian elements such as classic arched ceilings, predominant use of wood and bookshelves lining the wall.


One way eating large is reflected here is in its Bistecca alla Fiorentina: a dish of Tuscan native breed of cattle, Chianina, dry-aged in a special chiller for 60 days before flame-frilled over charcoal that requires only a dash of salt. The result is a succulent meat with extra flavor. The dish comes with a bowl of hand-cut fries and creamy Parmesan spinach.

The rest of the menu starts with a range of classic Italian-American appetizers such as Jumbo Crab Cake or Classic Caesar Salad with 24-month-old Parmigiano Reggiano. It is of course not Italian without pasta – try their Homemade Angel Hair with Live Boston Lobster and Chili Oil or Pappardelle with Duck Ragout – as well as their Veal Parmigiana and Mixed Seafood Grill.


For the dessert, Bistecca’s signature dish is Baked Alaska. It is a great throwback to the glorious era of table-side flambees, and is a sure way to impress dinner guests. Just make sure the many rooms in your belly are ready before a visit here.

18 Parc Place Tower C
Jalan Jenderal Sudirman
Kav 52-53
T: +62 21 5151660

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