Tons of Flavors from The Spice Route at ATTARINE

A new casual all-day restaurant serving modern and refined cuisine has popped up in the plush Senopati neighborhood and quickly become the talk of the town.

A new casual all-day restaurant serving modern and refined cuisine has popped up in the plush Senopati neighborhood and quickly become the talk of the town.

RIGHT OFF THE BAT, Attarine mission statement reads that it wants to bring a world of spice to Jakarta with well-crafted, sophisticated dishes made with vibrant spices and seasonings from across the globe. I have no objection there.


The restaurant, it claims, is taking inspiration from the Spice Route and its lasting influence on the history of food, celebrating flavors that are comfortable and familiar, yet lively and exciting.

Piloting the menu is Chef Jacob Burrell, who draws on his experience and love of working with local suppliers and seasonal ingredients to create original and authentic cuisine. True to the approach, the Attarine menu showcases the best meats, vegetables, herbs and fruits; many of them are carefully sourced from independent Indonesian producers.

When I met him recently, Jacob described the menu as form of culinary diary of his recent venture into the Asian, and especially Indonesian, realm.

Jacob arrived in March from California, where he was most recently the executive chef at the Big Sur Bakery and Restaurant for three years. He also served as sous chef at the three-Michelin-Star Manresa Restaurant and worked at The Post Ranch Inn.

“The Attarine menu is a collection of  snapshots (picturing) a new chef in new country working with new ingredients. My team are all Indonesian, so it’s a really collaborative effort.”

Jacob said that he and his team created the menu hand in hand. He would pull ideas from his 25 years of experience and team members would give him feedback, especially on how they would treat or process local ingredients.

Attarine is changing daily specials and menus depending on the best available and seasonal ingredients.


Among this variety, Attarine has a number of trademark dishes including: lamb shoulder chops cooked with saffron braised onions and garlic and topped with walnuts, olives and pomegranate;  wood-fired fresh catch whole fish roasted in wood-fire oven, seasoned simply with sea salt, long pepper and bay leaves; cast iron skillet shrimp flavored with fragrant chilli, tamarind and coriander; and fried half chicken frizzled with spiced coconut nectar.

“The Spice Route foundation has enabled us to incorporate our team’s influences, experiences and inspirations, plus the freshest produce and products into one refined and harmonious offering,” Jacob said. “Our menu allow us to draw on the team’s wonderful talents and explore fresh seasonal ingredients to continually create new offerings and truly represent ourselves one plate at a time.”

Architecturally, Attarine is a bright, open and inviting eatery, with clean and simple interior to highlight  the restaurant’s vibrant and flavorful meals. Like Potato Head’s other establishments, Attarine has a unique design that is distinctive and approachable. You can tell immediately it’s a  Potato Head place.

The interior features high ceilings, an open kitchen and a mix of table and casual counter seating, creating a friendly and cozy space in the community to gather. Make sure you pin point the location in your food map.

Jalan Gunawarman No. 11A, Jakarta
T: +6221 2277 1256
Instagram: @attarinejakarta

Written by Andre Arditya Photographs by Dennie Ramon November 6, 2016.