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EAT BIG, Korean Style

There are not many places that offer food in large portions for sharing with friends or family, but at Ojju, you can find specialty dishes in portions that are enough to satisfy not just one or two persons, but the whole gang!

SOUTH KOREAN people have the tradition to serve food on a large plate or bowl and enjoy them together with family or friends. This unique custom is adopted by Ojju – the newest Korean restaurant brand in Jakarta, operated by GF Culinary, with the first outlet located at Kota Kasablanka Mall.

Korean style comfort food are dominant in the Ojju’s menu, such as Korean lunchbox or the famous Korean ramyeon (noodle soup). However, the most popular dishes at this hip restaurant are Budae Jjigae and Rolling Cheese – which we believe have often appeared on your social media news feed. Yup, these two dishes are the most sought after dishes at Ojju, and to be honest, they do look very Instagrammable.

Speaking about the origin, Budae Jjigae – which literally means Korean Army Stew – was the most common meal for South Korean soldiers during the civil war when food was scarce. You can imagine that this dish contains varieties of ingredients, from instant noodle, tteokpokki (Korean rice cake), sausages, Spam, to baked beans – all cooked together in a single pot with extra seasonings of gochujang and kimchi, plus vegetables.

Ojju has three varieties of Budae Jjigae to offer, which are beef, chicken, and seafood Jjigae. While all of these are equally delicious, we tend to choose the seafood Budae Jjigae because it is loaded with fresh seafoods, such as squids, prawns, mussels and crab, which make this a very flavorful dish.


When you order Budae Jjigae, the waiter will bring a large pot on top of a portable stove. The waiter will pour broth to the bowl and prepare the stew at your table. Ojju’s version of Budae Jjigae has a mild spicy flavor, because the hot gochujang is beautifully balanced by the rich and smooth broth.

Once you finish devouring Budae Jjigae, you must try Rolling Cheese, which we must say is very interesting. There are two kinds of Rolling Cheese at Ojju, namely Beef Ribs and Chicken Wings, with three level of spiciness ranging from mild, spicy to fiery spicy.

This Rolling Cheese comes in a very tempting presentation, where you can see big chunks of beef ribs or chicken wings on the bed of shredded cheese, sprinkled with jalapeno slices and corn kernels, all arranged in a large hotplate. Be patient when you order this menu, because to properly enjoy Rolling Cheese you need to wait for the cheese to completely melt before you can wrap the melted cheese around the ribs or wings.

Don’t forget to order fried rice along with your Rolling Cheese. Your fried rice will be cooked right on the same plate that was previously used to prepare the Rolling Cheese. Waiter will add cooked rice and eggs to the plate and mix them together with the remaining cheese and sauce from Rolling Cheese.

With large portioned dishes and fun culinary experience, Ojju is definitely on top of your list whenever you want to take your friends and family along. Just remember that you may need to arrive early, because waiting list at peak hours (at lunch or dinner time) could be long!

Kota Kasablanka, UG Floor, Food Society
Instagram: @ojju.indo

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