Chef Daniel Kuser’s SUPER EATING

The Westin Jakarta – a recently established hotel in the capital and the tallest one in Indonesia yet – redefines healthy eating through super ingredients and the masterful hands of Executive Chef Daniel Kuser.


The Westin Jakarta – a recently established hotel in the capital and the tallest one in Indonesia yet – redefines healthy eating through super ingredients and the masterful hands of Executive Chef Daniel Kuser.

FORGING WHOLESOME culinary food to new bounds is the SuperFoodsRX; a healthy-food program implemented by most Starwood hotels around the globe including The Westin Jakarta to help guests discover delicious ways to eat better, stay healthy and be happy, even while travelling.

“People always talk about diet, diet, diet, which can get really boring because generally, healthy food doesn’t really taste as good. So, with SuperFoodsRX we are able to deliver food that are both delicious and very beneficial for your body.” said Chef Daniel.

He adds that the program appoints a group of experts and nutritionists to create several flavorful recipes using a combination of super ingredients that are meant to reconstruct and regenerate the body.

“We follow certain guidelines and recipes but it is important for us to know how to make the flavors suitable to the region’s palate and find substitutes for some ingredients based on the availability of certain seasonal and local products, including fruits like papaya, pineapples, avocado and so on,” explained the chef, who has settled in Indonesia for over four years.

While we await to taste the wondrous SuperFoodsRX dishes at the hotel’s signature all day dining restaurant located at the 51st floor called Seasonal Taste, we couldn’t help but be utterly mesmerized by the 360-degree-view of the electrifying cityscape through the enclosed floor-to-ceiling windows. Our attention, of course, went directly back to the vibrant plates that were set in front of us personally by Chef Daniel.


Some of the SuperFoodsRX dishes we tried included fresh tomato caprese salad, ravishing grilled pineapple avocado and watercress salad, scrumptious crispy skinned roasted salmon with braised romaine lettuce as well as garlic almond skordalia and delectable pan seared soy glaze cod fish with wakame and turnip salad dressed in orange vinaigrette. We were also served with a perfectly balanced melt-in-your mouth raspberry dark chocolate dessert, which is also considered as one of the super ingredients.

“There are a lot of interesting herbs and spices to use and explore with in Indonesia. So, many of my dishes are influenced by the local products as well as the techniques and guidelines of different hotels and countries I work for,” shared Chef Daniel, whose career in Asia blossomed over a decade ago while working in other five-star hotels including another world-renowned Starwood brand, the St. Regis Hotel in Beijing.

After his cruise line in Europe concluded, Chef Daniel decided to backpack across Asia and made his way down South from Beijing, to Thailand, Philippines, Kuala Lumpur, Vietnam and Indonesia. “I was very attracted to South-East Asian food and so far, my favorite cuisine has been Indonesian! I really love beef rendang and nasi uduk, in fact there is the best nasi uduk hawker stand behind Mega Kuningan that I love to go to,” said the cheerful globe trotter.

However, being raised in Lugano – the Italian-speaking region of Switzerland – the multi-lingual chef has always been accustomed to hearty homemade Northern Italian food through out his childhood. “In my hometown, we had a lot of farmers so we used to make a lot of simple and straightforward homemade food using fresh and seasonal products.”

After a brief pause and a light chuckle, he continued to share with us his many childhood food memories, which included eating a lot of homemade breads with cheese, chocolate and homemade jam.

“When I was young, I would enjoy helping out in the kitchen instead of playing outside, especially during family gatherings. My sister and I would help my mother clean strawberries, while my father would pick up the fruits from the garden. – I think that was when I discovered my passion for cooking,” added the chef who was always surrounded by expert home cooks including his uncle who was a Chef.

At a tender of age 13, he recalls being amazed by the warmth, professionalism and drive of the chefs who attended his uncle’s wedding as well as the art behind preparing the food and buffet.“

At the wedding, the children were served toast with pineapple, cheese and cherry, so I asked my uncle why didn’t they serve the toast for dessert instead and he gave me a pat on my back and said ‘I should teach you how to cook’ – that is when I realized, I too wanted to be a Chef.”


Westin Hotels & Resorts as part of their #EatWell initiative, has come up with SuperFoodsRx, their distinct perspective on health, nutrition and lifestyle that is firmly rooted in the very best, and most recent, science-based information and studies.

No trends, fads or fashions — only solid science. They rely on the expertise of their Advisory Board to keep them on the straight and narrow when it comes to the healthfulness of everything posted on

Dark Chocolate

People throughout the world couldn’t help but celebrate when it was discovered that dark chocolate is a SuperFood. The no longer ‘forbidden’ treat was discovered to have flavonols with potent antioxidant properties that promote healthy blood pressure and more.

Health Benefits
Lowers Blood Pressure, May Improve Brain Function, May Reduce Risk of Heart Disease, Promotes Blood Flow, Protects Skin from the Sun

Copper, Fiber, Iron, Magnesium, Manganese, Phosphorus, Potassium, Selenium, Zinc


Avocados aren’t only a delicious creamy treat used for mouthwatering guacamole, they are one of the most nutrient-dense foods on the planet. They’re packed with fiber, and ounce by once, top the charts among all fruit for folate, potassium, vitamin E and magnesium.

Health Benefits
Can Facilitate Weight Loss, Lowers Chance of Prostate Cancer, May Help Lower Cholesterol

Beta-Sitosterol, Carotenoids, Chorophyll, Fiber, Folate, Glutathione, Lutein, Magnesium, Polyphenols, Vitamin E

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Written by Divya Pridhnani Photographs by Dennie Ramon October 10, 2016.