DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Jakarta – Diponegoro unveils their five most popular and polished salad dishes that will enrich your palates and body with its exceptional flavors and ingredients.


DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Jakarta – Diponegoro unveils their five most popular and polished salad dishes that will enrich your palates and body with its exceptional flavors and ingredients.

IN MOST delicatessens, salads are frequently overlooked or meekly contemplated as a light appetizer, but never as a wholesome meal due to its infamous reputation for having lack of flavors, small portions or a fairly boring appeal.

There is also a misguided conception that all types of salads are considered healthy, but on the contrary, certain components and cooking methods may oppose that belief.  Here to break the stigma carried by poor ol’ salads is Chef Ahmad Nurseha, the Chef de Cuisine of DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Jakarta’s chic SeaGrain Restaurant and Bar.

“A healthy plate of salad is a balanced one, which includes the correct amount of nutrients for your body. Also, it is key to use fresh ingredients with simple cooking methods,” said the Chef, who is known by his nickname Seha.

He is known for his signature style of fusion and experimental dishes, inspired by his past travelling experiences. “Sticking to basic common dishes is always important to suit the general palate. However, I can see the F&B industry, especially for healthy food embracing a touch of fusion style in the future,” he continued.

“We believe in a healthier and balanced food habits. One way is through salads, which is great for detoxing and providing us with a well-rounded emotional as well as physical contentment,” said the Chef who previously studied nutrition.

Chef Seha shared with us a few favorite salads from the hotel’s restaurants  OPEN and SeaGrain Restaurant and Bar. Whether you are feeling temporarily health conscious or simply ‘hangry’, one of these salads is the best way to curb your craving for a tasty, wholesome and satisfying meal:

Garden Salad:


Keeping it simple but still delicious is the Garden Salad. Just as its name, this vibrant plate consists of an array of fresh colorful vegetables including yellow capsicum, black olives, red cherry tomatoes, cucumber, yellow onion, carrots, Roman lettuce and mix-mesclun lettuce. The salad comes with a choice of two simple yet zestful dressings; Italian dressing comprised of olive oil, garlic and mustard, and Balsamic dressing made of balsamic oil, salt and pepper. This salad is the perfect dish for a quick and healthy bite!

Prawn Mango Salad:


Another favorite dish is the Chef’s innovative Prawn Mango Salad inspired by Mediterranean and Asian flavors. This vibrant and robust salad comprises of juicy pan-seared king prawns, chopped sweet mangoes, purple potatoes, red beans, cherry tomatoes, mix-mesclun lettuce, yellow pepper and garnished with garlic crumble then dressed in simple balsamic reduction sauce. This fresh summer salad is paired with a lengthy piece of crispy cassava pastry for an added crunch. This incredibly balanced and nutritious dish will leave both your tongue and tummy with a lasting impression.

Nicoise Salad:


One of the most globally recognized salads, aside from the renowned Caesar Salad of course, is the Nicoise Salad that originated from France. This hearty and balanced dish consists of hard-boiled eggs, black olives, cherry tomatoes, blanched baby potatoes, yellow capsicums, rocket leaves, blanched baby beans, mix-mesclun lettuce and two types of fish; first is roasted mackerel seasoned in olive oil, garlic and rosemary, and second is rare pan-seared tuna marinated in olive oil and Dijon mustard. The sizable mixture is then generously draped with Italian dressing made of simply olive oil, garlic and mustard.

Pineapple Grill Salad:


Sweet, tangy, earthy, sour, smokey and savory are some of the wonderful flavors your tongue will reveal with just one bite of the Pineapple Grill Salad. The grilled pineapple is blanketed in mix-mesclun lettuce and cherry tomatoes then garnished with bits of almonds and cashews. Aside from the incredible flavors, your tongue will enjoy a burst of crunchy textures from the combination of pineapple, almonds and cashews. Due to its powerful flavors, the salad is simply dressed in olive oil, salt and pepper. This is one of those dishes that the leaves a lasting flavor in your mouth.

Young Mango Salad:


The Young Mango Salad is one of the Chef’s personal favorite due to its refreshing flavors that will tease your palate in to thinking that it’s in Thailand. The dish consists of shredded young mango, cherry tomatoes, leeks, and some mix mesclun lettuce, then generously garnished with chopped almonds and cashews. The vegetables are then doused in sweet, spicy and sour diluted Thai dressing made of mainly lemon, shallots, chili, zest, olive oil, salt and pepper. The delightful shocking burst of flavors and textures will keep you wanting more until the very last drop.

Written by Divya Pridhnani Photographs by Dennie Ramon October 9, 2016.