Spice-up Your NEGRONI

This month The Dharmawangsa adds a new concoction to its repertoire of Indonesian flavor-inspired cocktails: Roedjak Negroni.


This month The Dharmawangsa adds a new concoction to its repertoire of  Indonesian flavor-inspired cocktails: Roedjak Negroni.

IT’S TASTY, it’s refreshing, it’s hot!

When I first tasted Roedjak Negroni, it opened my eyes on a drowsy and cloudy afternoon in the lush South Jakarta area.

Cabe rawit does that to you.

Crafted by The Dharmawangsa’s resident mixologist Arnold Rozacques, Roedjak Negroni is what you can tell from its name: a negroni infused with the taste of the refreshing and spicy fruit salad dish.


According to Arnold, a 35-years-old  mixology enthusiast with 14 years experience in the industry, he crafted the drink to celebrate the month of August, when the Indonesians celebrate the Independence Day on the 17th.

“We are always working to create drinks inspired by Indonesian ingredients and flavors, but this one is special for the month,” Arnold said.

Negroni is as classic as it is simple; it is made of one part gin, one part vermouth rosso, and one part Campari, garnished with orange peel.

“The classic drink is my personal favorite. I want to reintroduce the classic cocktail with an Indonesian twist,” he explained. That twist consist of palm sugar and bird’s eye chilies (cabe rawit).


From the rujak, Arnold wanted to underlined the sweet and spicy notes. “As a fruit dish, rujak is strong in sweet and sour notes; notes which are utilized in cocktails. I thought these characters would make rujak a proper inspiration for cocktail,” he said.

As a mixologist, Arnold is always working on ideas of new concoction, making a rujak-inspired drink has always been on the back of his mind. “I always tinker with stuff. This time the moment is appropriate to do a new Indonesian cocktail.”

Roedjak Negroni is cocktail of the month of August at The Dharmawangsa, but patrons could always order the drink afterwards.


Among the Indonesian cocktails already in his disposal are TNT (tamarind, turmeric and rum), Aceh Gayo Martini (a version of espresso and martini), Wedang Martini (ginger and martini) and bir pletok.

Like the original negroni, which is an apéritif, Roedjak Negroni would also be suitable alcoholic beverage to stimulate the appetite.

“The spiciness will definitely help embolden your hunger pangs,” Arnold said with a grin.

A perfect cocktail for a foodie, I must say.

Roedjak Negroni
Serves: 1


60 ml                 Dry gin
15 ml                 Sweet vermouth
10 ml                 Campari
10 ml                 Palm  sugar syrup
100 g                 Starfruit
1 pcs                  Bird eye chilli
1 tsp                   White sugar
1 dash                Angostura bitters


  • Muddle sugar,java syrup, starfruit and chilli with bitters.
  • Mix all ingredients and shake, strain into glass filled with ice
  • Garnish with sliced cucumber chilli

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Written by Andre Arditya Photographs by Dennie Ramon August 27, 2016.