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If visiting a single street food stall is not enough for your foodie experience this weekend, then how about more options for you to try in a single destination?If that’s the case, let us visit Pasar Tebet Barat right away!

MANY OF US still remember how Pasar Santa suddenly leaped into prominence – especially because of the food. While it was not necessarily very traditional, there was a time when the diversity of street food from around the world could be found there.


Sadly it was just a trend, and now Pasar Santa is but a shadow of its former self. However, we at FoodieS would like to reignite those moments by encouraging our readers to visit traditional marketplaces from time to time. In this issue, we visit the beloved Pasar Tebet Barat.

Like any other local market, Pasar Tebet Barat is already busy from early morning. The market is known for its vast selection of wedding invitation designers, stationeries, fabric shops, and even a department store in addition for the fresh produce upstairs. Despite the age, it is kept clean and comfortable.

Playing a key role to keep the world spinning , the food industry here is alive and well. From simple snack and cake shops to colorful nasi rames stalls, you can also find a full-fledged Padangnese cuisine vendor, nasi gudeg, nasi uduk, gado-gado, and many more.


Last time, I decided to take a different path than my wife who chose nasi Padang with dendeng balado, beef lungs, and cassava leaves. I scoot over to the next stall for a serving of nasi uduk with toppings such as teri kacang (stir-fry peanuts and anchovies), cumi asin (sliced cuttlefish), and the exotic stir-fry papaya flower buds.

Upon finishing our rounds with rice, we cleanse our palates with a glass of es cendol from Bandung’s famous Cendol Nurita who happens to have a small outlet here. Not stopping there, I treated myself with more traditional snacks such as the kue pepe, sosis Solo, and a fried tofu filled with fishcake. I had to stop here and reserve other options for my future visits despite the temptations.

Visiting traditional marketplaces not only satisfies our hunger, we also contribute to helping small-scale businesses which are run by the stall owners, we also support local products and producers. Long live our traditional markets!

Jalan Tebet Barat Dalam Raya no. 58-59, Jakarta

OPENING HOURS: Daily, from morning until evening
SPEND: IDR 15,000 – IDR 30,000 / person