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Simple, Tasty BRUNCH


Oxone Battle Chef second runner-up Jonathan Arie shares a tasty brunch dish that everyone can do at home.

AT 20 YEARS of age, restaurateur aspirant Jonathan Arie is hungry for learning and challenging himself to improve his skill and creativity. It was this same passion that fueled him when he competed and was named among the top finishers of last year’s Oxone Battle Chef grand finals.

Jonathan is a quiet and soft-spoken chef-in-the-making who quickly turns loquacious when talking about the subjects of his love: food and cooking.

“I’ve always loved cooking. As a kid, I watched my grandmother working her magic in the kitchen; I was captivated. I started helping her little by little. Before I knew it, I was deep in love with the craft,” said the Jakarta-born young man.

As a competitive, high-spirited and energetic tween, Jonathan tried another path away from the stove heat. He joined a badminton club and participated in numerous competitions.

“Becoming a professional athlete was something I pondered upon then. But the culinary world had stronger charms,” said Jonathan, who still plays badminton and futsal on weekends.

Come his high school years, Jonathan had already set his mind to studying hospitality and culinary seriously. After high school graduation, he chose to study at Trisakti Institute of Tourism.

“Next year, I will complete my college studies. I want to spend the coming years taking as much experience as I can all around the world. Someday, I will have enough experience to open my own restaurant,” he said with a smile.

For his brunch dish, Jonathan presented a simple but filling dish true to the combined spirit of breakfast and lunch. He makes a potato-based pancake with grilled chicken breast, with a soy mayonnaise and a simple salad on the side.

“I picked these ingredients because they are easy to get. It’s also very easy to make,” says Jonathan.

The interesting part of the recipe is the potato pancake dough. “It’s sort of a combination of choux pastry and potato. The egg in the ingredients will help give some puff to the pancake,” Jonathan says.

The grilled chicken is as tasty as it is simple; Jonathan seasons the chicken fillet with salt and paprika powder. Accompanying these is a salad with refreshing chopped belimbing wuluh (bilimbi) and soy sauce flavored mayonnaise. Mouth-watering indeed!

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Potato Sandwich with Grilled Chicken and Light Soy Mayo
Serves: 1



150 gr         Potato
1 pc            Egg
60 gr           Margarine
60 ml          Water
150 gr         Wheat flour
20 gr           Onion,   chopped
100 gr         Chicken fillet
2 tbs           Mayonnaise
1 tsp           Salty soy sauce
1 tsp            Paprika powder
2 pcs           Belimbing wuluh (bilimbi), finely diced
Olive oil



  • Boil potatoes until tender, then mash


  • In a pan, heat up margarine, pour in flour, mix well
  • In another pan, saute chopped onion until brown
  • In a bowl, combine the dough, egg, chopped onion, and mashed potatoes. Season with salt and pepper
  • Pour oil in a pan, put in the mixed dough, flatten into a disc. Sear until golden brown


  • Season chicken with salt, pepper and paprika powder
  • Grill chicken evenly on both sides. Slice for plating.
  • Mixed diced bilimbi with some oil, season, toss with mesclun


  • In a small ramekin mix mayonnaise, soy sauce and some paprika powder. Mix with some water to desired consistency
  • For plating, slice potato pancake to desired form. Stack pancake and chicken, top with salad and add mayonnaise on the side


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