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RoCA Brunch EATSperience

Saturday and Sunday are our most favorite days of the week. It’s because we get to sleep more and eat more. To sleep more also means to plan a staycation once in a while and to eat more means we get to explore the city using our taste buds and our tummies.

SATURDAY AND SUNDAY are our most favorite days of the week. It’s because we get to sleep more and eat more. To sleep more also means to plan a staycation once in a while and to eat more means we get to explore the city using our taste buds and our tummies.

Good thing, we never run out of options here in Jakarta, because almost every week there’s always something new to try.

Planning a weekend staycation in the city was never a problem for us, as we often decide to spend it at one of our favorite hotels in the city.

Artotel has always been one of our top picks and here are two main reasons why. First, it’s located just a few minutes away from Jakarta’s top malls, restaurants and historic landmarks. Second, Artotel’s youthful and artistic vibe. From the color of its exterior, to the sculptures and paintings in the lobby and mezzanine level, and the creativity and comfort in every room. Third, booking a room in this hotel won’t hurt your budget.

Staying at Artotel would mean trying their in-house restaurant RoCA. Since then we have always been a fan of RoCA or Restaurant of Contemporary Arts.

Its simple yet appetizing breakfast spread has never failed to brighten our stay. When we get hungry while lounging around inside our room, RoCA for room service is always there to satisfy our craving for both local and international cuisine.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset
Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Little did we know that RoCA also has a Brunch Menu that launched recently and it features ten brunch favorites from poached eggs, greens, fries and many more. RoCA also prides itself for having Common Grounds coffee. You may also enjoy a good cup of coffee while enjoying their in-house specialties. Out of the ten brunch items, we tried seven recommended items because of our intense hunger, lack of sleep and to make sure our guests leave satisfied.

His Picks:
Eggs Benedict
(English Muffin, Poached Eggs, Smoked Beef, Hollandaise Sauce)
He said: The hollandaise sauce was lovely! It was tart and creamy without overpowering the other components of the dish. I am a big fan of RoCA’s crusty yet fluffy muffin. It held up nicely against the hollandaise and the poached eggs.

Portobello Stack with Poached Egg
(Portobello Mushroom, Tomato Relish, Smoked Beef, Poached Egg)
He said: I love mushrooms because of its earthy and smoky flavor. This dish is a winner for me because the richness of the poached egg worked perfectly with the roasted mushrooms. Make sure you get a little bit of everything to fully enjoy every mouthful.

Brunch Burger
(Pure Beef Patty, Sunny Side Up Egg, Cheese, Beef Bacon, Onion Rings, French Fries)
He said: RoCA’s beef patty was HUGE! I had a great time munching on the brunch burger not only because of the beef patty but also because of how cheesy it was. Fries and onion rings are always a big plus for me because I love them both. I will definitely come back for this!

Her Picks:
Eggs Florentine Smoked Salmon
(Crispy Brioche, Poached Eggs, Smoked Salmon, Hollandaise Sauce)
She said: RoCA did a good take on the hollandaise sauce as it was creamy and butter-y. The sauce was smothered on the egg, salmon and crispy brioche that made it really appetizing. Having all the components in one bite was indeed a delight.

Roasted Chicken Ballotine
(Chicken Roulade, Buttered Veggies, Pumpkin Puree, Potato Wedges, Rosemary Sauce)
She said: What I enjoyed about this dish was that the serving of the chicken was good enough to fill-up my hungry tummy, alongside with a good amount of the side dishes as well. The chicken was juicy and tender and the side dishes were cooked well.

Our Pick
Baked Salmon Crust
(Herbed Crusted Baked Salmon, Mushroom Risotto, Vinaigrette)
He said: The cook on the salmon was flawless. It literally melts in your mouth! The herb crust was seasoned exceptionally and gave the salmon just a touch of flavor and aroma that it barely needed. Surely, this was the best of RoCA’s Brunch Menu.
She said: This was my favorite among all the dishes that we have tried. The salmon was fresh and it was cooked perfectly. And the herb crust was really tasty that it made me want to eat more. This dish is a must-try!

It was indeed a morning filled with good food from RoCA’s Brunch Menu. We were really stuffed after trying out most of the dishes. So, if you are looking for a place to dine after having a good run during car-free day, or if you just want to have a hearty meal and spend quality time with your friends or loved ones, this should be on your list. There may be quite a number of restaurants around this area, but Artotel’s RoCA is definitely worth a try to satisfy your brunch cravings.

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