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The coming together of these three major streets of Gunawarman, Senopati, and Wolter Monginsidi has resulted in a door to door culinary bonanza. We came up with a list of notable places that you should not miss.

Le Quartier
Why: Fancy set-up without the pretentious menu and attitude.
What to order: Fried pig ears cracklings and smoked duck breast camembert pizza
Address: Jalan Gunawarman No. 34, T: +62 21 72788001

Why: Single handedly crafted its way to the number one spot when it comes to Turkish restaurants in this part of the town.
What to order: Iskender kebab and the signature lamb shank, village style.
Address: Jalan Gunawarman No. 32, T: +62 21 72795846

H Gourmet  & Vibes
Why: Soulful comfort food by day, cool party scene by night.
What to order: Philly cheese steak sandwich and the Jerky Chicks
Address: Jalan Gunawarman No. 41, T: +62 21 27510167

Hurricane’s Grill
Why: A new player in the ribs game that blends quality and quantity perfectly well.
What to order: Any of their signature ribs.
Address: Jalan Gunawarman No. 20, T: +62 21 27513388

Lola Espiritu y Libacion
Why: Extended selection of rum and an overall impressive speakeasy bar vibe, coming here just to check out the interior of the place itself is already worth the trip.
What to order: The Diablo popsicles and carne de vaca sandwich
Address: Jalan Gunawarman No. 21, T: +62 21 27513500

Why: Hiroshima tepanyaki and a great selection of Japanese whiskey.
What to order: The Mentaiko Potato Pizza is a must, while the Meltique Steak seems to be the most selling item from the menu.
Address: Jalan Gunawarman No. 21, T: +62 21 27513030

Why: Wonderful space to avoid the traffic with great coffee.
What to order: Apart from the coffee? Lamb kofta sandwich, and steak sandwich.
Address: Jalan Senopati, No. 52, T: +62 21 27515162

Pipiltin Cocoa
Why: Chocolate made from scratch and their great use of chocolate throughout the menu. Do we really need to say more?
What to order: The signature Tabanan Farm chocolate, and basically anything that has chocolate in it.
Address: Jalan Senopati, No. 27, T: +62 21 36446914

Why: Stunning desserts from the patisserie and classic unpretentious dishes from the brasserie.
What to order: The chocolate sphere and the brioche French toast-hazelnut crumbs-poached pear foie gras.
Address: Jalan Senopati, No. 27, T: +62 21 29306127

Ms. Choo
Why: An on point execution of Asian menu and an even greater selection of cocktails with an oriental twang.
What to order: Crispy pork hock on the bone, and the Szechuan school prawns that goes well with the Asian-inspired cocktails.
Address: Jalan Senopati, No. 65, T: +62 21 52964960

Why: Coming from the same group behind Nip & Dram you know that the bar menu alone should serve as a good enough attraction, the food is pretty amazing too.
What to order: The charcuterie board, and the organic beef cheek bourguignon.
Address:  Jalan Senopati, No. 84, T: +62  21 72792323

Three Buns
Why: Hip burgers at its gourmet best.
What to order: Piggie small, or honky-tonk.
Address: Jalan Senopati, No. 90, T: +62 21 29307780.

Why: Historical Indonesian-style Chinese soul food since forever.
What to order: The sapo tahu seafood with the nasi goreng kepiting should be every man’s staple dishes.
Address: Jalan Wolter Monginsidi, No. 80, T: +62 21 7398537

Shabu Gin
Why: Great selections of broth, meat and sides
What to order: Go all out and get the wagyu set.
Address: Jalan Wolter Monginsidi, No. 53, T: +62 21 7202336.

Born Ga
Why: The portions are generous and the set-up is pretty neat and clean compared to other Korean barbecue places in town.
What to order: The signature Samgyupsal and the stellar jap chae.
Address: Jalan Wolter Monginsidi, No. 24, T: +62 21 7396229.

Why: We don’t get a lot of Korean restaurants that are pretty serious about noodles, so this place is a true gem.
What to order: Budae jiggae noodle stew and the jjangmyeon black bean sauce noodle.
Address: Jalan Wolter Monginsidi, No. 39, T: +62 21 7229749