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catches the myfunfoodiary.com couple off guard and asks them to spill the beans about their beloved secret comfort food hideouts.

THE INDONESIAN food blogging world has grown considerably in the last few years. The early generation of bloggers from the late 2000s sparked the community with their love for food which has brought about a new generation of dedicated foodies.

Now, as everyone can see, blogging and Instagram have become two different dimensions that support one another. Adding more colorful tones to this rich world are Mullie Marlina and husband Andy Pau. They have been passionately sharing their stories about food and travel on myfunfoodiary.com since 2012.

Their blog was initially started  as a general blog in 2011, but Mullie since then has been asked more and more about food. “That’s when I decided to be serious with food by giving recommendations on where to eat and giving out recipes as well”, shares Mullie, who actually an English teacher by profession.


Husband and wife, Mullie and Andy have been hand-in-hand with their foodie adventures. From dining experiences in Jakarta, to foreign trips to Japan and Taiwan, they have been active in sharing their moments with their tens of thousands of Instagram followers and the thousands of viewers of their blog.

Meeting them quite recently during the month of romance, I decided to ask about what the ideal date night should be for this couple. While Mullie prefers something more casual – like having a hearty pecel from a street-side shack for dinner or having comfort food at their favorite places. Andy begs to differ. He is a true romantic, once he says: “We were scheduled to have dinner at Lyon of the Mandarin Oriental Jakarta. I secretly asked the hotel to prepare a special bouquet of roses for Mullie and to deliver present it for her as a surprise. It was truly memorable.” Mullie’s gestures said it all, that it was the same thing about how it felt for her as well.

I also asked if they had other secrets to share about their favorite food places. The couple was one in wanting to share about their Bandung experiences. “One time on a trip to Bandung , we visited this Sundanese restaurant. Not only was everything really good, I particularly fell in love with their fried eggplant. Seriously, eggplant! It’s something that I wasn’t really keen on eating, but at that restaurant, it was really unimaginably good”, she says. One time, they brought the whole family for this eggplant dish alone, and they all shared the same sentiments.


However, their everlasting addiction is actually about the very thing that millions of Indonesians are fond of. Yes, you got it right. Noodles!

“There’s this place on Jalan Hayam Wuruk where they serve Hokkien-style noodles with a lot of toppings. People would crowd the place every day and it closes early at 2pm,” shares Mullie. However, the Hokkien mee is one among many places that they mentioned to me during our hours and hours of fun talks about food. Not just from Jakarta but as far as Bandung and covering a lot of unique ingredients.

Indonesia is not short of wonderful combinations when it comes to noodles and don’t be shy to ask this couple if you want to know where their secret havens are.

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