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Complementing Each Other’s FOOD TASTE


Ernanda Putra and Ellyse Sinsilia may sometimes not see eye-to-eye when it comes to food. But other than that, they’re perfectly and artistically in tune with each other.

WHILE IT TOOK US a bit longer to peruse the menu of various delectable Italian dishes but Ernanda Putra was quicker to decide which dish he wanted to order. For dinner he’ll be having the Short Rib and Pumpkin Ravioli, a dish that is in line with his “carnivorous” nature, a fact revealed by his wife Ellyse Sinsilia.

We are relaxing at the Sapori Deli of the Fairmont Jakarta after having a date night-themed photo shoot with the couple whose sartorial taste makes the visual even better: she’s wearing standout red Valentino heels and he is wearing Issey Miyake which he purchased on a recent trip to Japan. But something tells me this photo session is as close to a romantic date the couple gets with a glass of champagne in hand and lovey-dovey eye contact overlooking Jakarta’s gorgeous skyline, courtesy of VIEW located on the 22nd floor of the Fairmont.

“We both are definitely not into doing romantic stuff,” says Ellyse. “And I think the last time we had a romantic dinner was the night he proposed to me.” The proposal was offered at a fine dining restaurant in Singapore called Cocotte that they visited primarily because they wanted to experience

the boutique hotel Wanderlust in which the restaurant is located at.


Artistic Entanglement
For those of you who are not into the social media game, Ernanda and Ellyse are considered Instagram celebritis or “celebgram” — avid uploaders of their travel adventures or simple everyday lives—which includes what they’re eating—that now they have a huge number of followers: by the time of this writing he has 534K followers (collected after 5 long years) and she has 97K. Mind you, they have day jobs as well and equally successful ones at that. Ernanda now runs his own graphic design company, and Ellyse is Vice President of Operations at Mirum digital ad agency, the office she has occupied for the last seven years.

Meeting them in person you might think their combined eight years’ relationship (with the last year and a half being married) is a result of that age-old “opposites attract”—she’s breezy and personable while he’s more subdued and nods more often—but on closer inspection it seems that their artistic “blood” might be more responsible for their bond. She gushes: “He’s smart, creative, creates top-notch designs, and he knows how to ‘deal’ with me, coz I can be very dominant.”; while he gushes: “she’s beautiful and for me the smartest woman I know, and she and I are on the same frequency—we have similar tastes.” Though they share the same college (Universitas Pelita Harapan, and both also majored in design) with Ernanda two years her senior, they only met years later when she interned in an office he worked in.


Food & Travel
If there are any case of oppositeness, then that has more to do with their taste in food. “She loves spicy while I don’t,” says Ernanda who has a Javanese-Padang background. “He likes sweet and salty food, but not so much for me,” says Ellyse who surprisingly is of Chinese descent. “And he’s more than content with his meat-based dishes, while I prefer vegetables but in general I’m the one who loves to explore more. I’ll eat everything.” (Though she added that she draws the line on foods like jeroan or animal innards, cow intestines, and eyeballs.) Consequently, Ellyse’s eclectic taste can sometimes rub off on her husband. “Previously going out for seafood can be quite tricky with him,” she says. Though not much has changed but at least now dishes like sushi or sashimi is no longer foreign to his palate.

When it comes to going out the wanderlust couple (our dinner conversation are mostly dominated by their memories of traveling to Japan, Europe, and the U.S.) loves to try something new once in a while, but staying true to their artistic nature the places they go to must be pleasing to the eyes first. “We’re very visual people—we’d notice the interior design and other elements of a restaurant or café more,” he says.


“Yeah we don’t normally look at food reviews online because I think people’s tastes are basically different,” she adds. “So what’s important for us is the ambience, with the music not too loud so we’re able to chat comfortably.”

“We also love places where they maximize natural light by having plenty of windows, like this restaurant,” Ernanda says referring to VIEW. Their favourite eye-catching spots in the capital includes Blue Jasmine, Potato Head Garage, Tugu Kunstkring Paleis, Table8 at Hotel Mulia Senayan, and Esina at Plaza Senayan.

Back to Sapori Deli, as our food arrived—which included a risotto, spaghetti nero, and a bacon-rich pizza named The Naughty Boy—Ellyse displayed her big family upbringing characteristic— “We would order anything and we would each try each other’s food!”—by sharing her food and soon we all followed her lead. While besides her, Ernanda seems quietly content with his choice of meat-friendly dish.


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