Chef Degan’s GADO GADO

Chef Degan proudly shows how to make a beautiful, avant-garde gado gado.

Chef Degan proudly shows how to make a beautiful, avant-garde gado gado.

DESPITE HAVING thirty years manning the hot kitchens of the world’s notable five-star hotels and resorts under his belt, Chef Degan Septoadji does not forget where he belongs. He shared with us a dish that took him to his roots.

Indonesians are very familiar with a vast array of delicacies related to peanut sauce or peanut dressing, but gado gado may be the most popular among all.

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At the Oxone kitchen that day, the chef presented us with a new way to plate gado gado, which we personally found very attractive. “First we blanch the vegetables nicely in salted water and cooled down in iced water, so that it will become shiny”, he said.

As a retainer of black belt in Indonesian and Thai cuisines, Chef Degan was very comfortable in improvising what’s best for his gado gado. The chef, who has seen years in hotels and resorts around Bali, The Bahamas, and Thai with a German hospitality educational background, is now sought by many who wish to learn more about Indonesian food.

In addition to some fine showmanship as a jury of MasterChef Indonesia for a few years, he now had the opportunities to share his expertise with larger crowd around Indonesia and abroad.

Now, to finish his intriguing gado gado, Chef Degan has something to say about it first.

“We want the vegetables to also shine here and I decided to simply pour the peanut dressing on the base of the plate instead of covering the toppings. He then carefully placed the colorful components above the sauce and he finishes it with thinly sliced chilies and emping.

There you have it. A different breed of gado gado, wonderfully crafted by the benevolent Chef Degan.

Serves: 1


Peanut Dressing
200gr          Cashew Nut, peeled
& fried
100gr          Peanut, peeled & fried
1 tsp           Salt
3 pcs           Red chili
2 pcs           Bird’s eye chili
1 clove        Garlic, peeled
¼ tsp           Kencur, peeled & chopped
1 tbp           Palm sugar
200 ml        Water
1pc             Lime
100 ml      Coconut milk

Gado Gado
3 tbsp         Peanut dressing*
3 pcs           Kenya beans, blanched
1 tblsp        Spinach, blanched
2 pcs           Baby potato, cooked, cut & pan-seared
1 pc            Baby zucchini, blanched & cut
2 pcs           Broccoli sprigs, blanched
2 pcs           Cauliflower sprigs, blanched
1 tblsp         Cucumber, cut
1 tsp            Soy bean sprouts, blanched
1 tbsp          Tofu, fried & cut
1 tbsp         Soy bean cake, fried
& cut
2 pcs           Quail’s egg, cooked 3 min & cut in half
Emping chips
Sweet soy sauce
Fried shallots

Peanut Dressing





  • Blend all ingredients, except water and lime, until evenly fine.
  • Add water and lime juice and stir evenly until smooth.
  • Put into a pot/pan and bring up to boil.
  • Add coconut milk and simmer for another 2 minutes.
  • Remove from heat, cool down and store in refrigerator for further use.

Gado Gado




  • Place the peanut dressing in the center of the plate to create a round platform.
  • Arrange all vegetables, tofu, bean cake and quail’s eggs on top of the peanut dressing nicely.
  • Garnish with emping chips, sweet soy sauce and fried shallots before serving.

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Written by Rian Farisa June 21, 2016.